Choke Chamber-More Human Than Human

More Human Than Human Mya Lang, code name Cobra, receives a suspicious call from an A.I. strategist program, originated from James Sullivan, who disappeared several months ago. Mya informs him, that she is retired. But he convinces otherwise. He warns her… that, if she accepts this mission, two other female agents will be converging on the same target. Mya begins her workout regiments. She needs to be in top shape. The other agents,. Madison and Zoe, arrive first. They play a little game of cat and mouse, before all hell breaks out. Madison grazed by a bullet, recovers and returns fire.
Choke Chamber-Two For One Special

Two For One Special Two different erotic death stories… each story showcasing two stunning vixens who all share one inevitable fate… erotic strangle death. Four beautiful deaths combined. Sexy, provocative, a must see for any choke enthusiast! The First movie features the gorgeous blonde Crystal choked to death by a jealous friend, and then karma takes over and so the murderous partner meets the same end.
Choke Chamber-Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity So Rudy is moving up in the Organization. He’s been contracted to do his first hit. His boss wants his wife gone, and he needs to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. He is pumped. Almost on over load. Without fear, Rudy enters the location like a man on a mission, bursting into her bedroom, and pouncing on her… his hand quickly around her neck.
Choke Chamber-International Killer

International Killer Drew is a traveling salesman. One day in Los Angeles, and the next day he’s in Budapest. If you’re a serial killer, this is the perfect job. Drew, is just such a man. Jessica lives in L.A., and this is not her lucky day. Drew is in her neighborhood, and has chosen her, to be his next conquest. Poor girl has no idea that, as she sun baths, drew is already in her house.
Choke Chamber-Fun With Blondes

Fun With Blondes They say, blondes have more fun, but that’s not always true. Here are three examples of three gorgeous blondes who will not have seen better days. Dafney is a serial dater who dreams of marrying a handsome prince charming… like a famous actor… or a rich plastic surgeon. She’s been lucky. All the men have been gentlemen. But, odds are… eventually you’ll meet one man who does not play by the your rules. She wakes to knocking at her door. It’s her date, and he looks like Luke Perry.
Choke Chamber-Fatal Deception
Choke Chamber-Con Gone Wrong
Choke Chamber-Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage Michael prowls his dating page. He’s a handsome fella, so there’s no shortage of young beautiful women to choose from. He sits and visualizes ways of kill them. Should he stab or shoot them. Tisk, tisk, decisions, decisions. Excited with his new prospects, he makes his way across town… breaks in… and without hesitation, pumps five bullets into Page in her kitchen.
Choke Chamber-Extraction

Extraction Michelle is breaking in a new agent. She pits Vera against one of the agencies toughest fighter. Vera comes through with flying colors, snapping her opponent’s neck. After six months of arduous training, she’s now ready to go into the field on a two girl mission to extract one of their own. Arriving at the extremist’s compound, they separate and enter the stronghold from different directions. Vera charms her way into the front gate and quickly takes out the first bastard, with an upper cut to the balls, and a leg lock, separating his head from his neck… SNAP.
Choke Chamber-Job For Killer

Job For Killer Luiza is a sexy young rich wife. She wants to divorce her husband. To feel safe, even from her husband, she hires bodyguards – sexy girls from VIP guard-agency. Her husband orders a contract killer to get his wife killed. Killer shoots the lock gate, enters the territory of mansion. He takes a position. He sees Guard 1 at the garden bridge. He shoots her to her breasts. Young girl is shocked. She thought it was a simple job for big money but not a deadly job.
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