Choke Chamber-Whistle Blower

Whistle Blower Alison was your normal mid western girl from a small town called Tim Buck Two, who dreamt of working in the big city someday. She was a Christian, so she knew the difference between right and wrong. But in life, things sometimes go sideways, forcing one on another path. From the moment Allison arrived in the city, she was targeted by the League, grooming her for company espionage.
Choke Chamber-Threes A Crowd

Threes A Crowd Maximum Group is the premiere “Killer for hire” agency in the world. The company only hires the best of the best. The life expectancy of a Maximum agency is no more than 4 years. Jean and Alice have worked non-stop for seven years. They are the lucky ones, but today everything changes when they’re called to the boss’ office. He informs them, it’s promotion time.
Choke Chamber-Threes A Crowd Part Two

Threes A Crowd Part Two Earlier, Ling-Ling was shot four times in the chest, and left for dead. A little while later she suddenly wakes, gasping for air. She realizes she was saved by her Kevlar top. When Ling-Ling recovers, she is angry, and ready to kill someone…her boss, Charlie. She easily enters Charlie’s headquarters, and stealthily moves through the house. Her first victim, Whipping Wendy, a new recruit, is caught off guard when Ling-Ling walks in, and puts five slugs in her body.
Choke Chamber-Strictly Business

Strictly Business There’s a war going on. Two rival assassins are crossing over into the other’s territory, and the situation is about to heat up. John becomes infuriated, when he arrives at his victim’s home, only to find her dead already. He checks the body. She’s still warm… only been dead a few minutes. Killer gotta be close by.
Choke Chamber-Compulsion

Compulsion Amber is having a great day. She’s meeting her new boyfriend later for dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant. It’s their one month anniversary, and they’re planning to end the night with a bang. Needless to say, she excited. Sexy Amber enters her apartment in her knee high boots, micro mini skirt, and tight blouse, moving to the kitchen.
Choke Chamber-Cadets

Cadets He is just a student of police academy, a nerd and newbie. He tries to communicate with sexy police girls and invite them to go to bar with him but they just laugh at him. And he loses control. The sentence: «You’re just a student, boy! You even haven’t got a gun» was a strong hit to his soul. He catches the gun of police girl and shoots her to the breast, Red blood appearing on her white shirt. The other cop tries to shoot him but he shoot her first.
Choke Chamber-Bather

Bather 3 girls have a rest in a countryside. They are in sauna and all they want is bath-service. But what to do if the bather is a maniac? He attacks Mary in the sauna but her friends don’t try to help her and run away. He chokes poor girl and goes to hunt for Hass and Angelina.
Choke Chamber-Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost Alison is a rape survivor. Three years ago, she was attacked in her own apartment, and brutally beaten. After several months of healing, she joined a martial arts school and works out her frustrations by visualizing, destroying the bastard that hurt her.
Choke Chamber-Red Water

Red Water The movie showcases two stories… two beauties, two merciless, bloody stabbing demises. The scene opens with a blonde vixen finishing up a scary film. As expected, the eerie feeling from the movie doesn’t quite leave the system. Little does the fit beauty realize that her intuition is preparing her for what is to come next. In another part of town, after a relaxing session of meditation, a busty, voluptuous brunette vixen undresses and hops in the shower to relieve some tension. Sadly, stress is not the only thing she loses.
Choke Chamber-Payback

Payback Poor little busty nanny accidentally gets caught up in some gang business, and now maniac thug has her tied to a chair. He enjoys hurting people, so he proceeds to slap the shit out of her. Poor nanny doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Angry, he goes to get a clever… when he comes back she delivers a kick to the balls, then finishes him off choking him in her leg scissor.
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