Family Therapy-Strong Mom Vs  Lazy Son

Strong Mom Vs Lazy Son Alex is lounging around the house again in his boxers like a lazy bum. His Mother comes in the living room and tells him to clean his room right now. Alex says he doesn't want to, but says he'll wrestle her, and if she beats him, then he will clean it. His Mom laughs at him and says he doesn't stand a chance. She agrees to the wrestling match and goes to her room to change into workout clothes. Alex decides to catch a peek at his Mother's butt while she changes, but is caught in the act.
Family Therapy-Whore Mothers Used and Abused

Whore Mothers Used and Abused There are two types of people in this world. Those who wait for things to happen, and those who make things happen. These videos feature the later. Every son comes to point in his life when he realizes he is now a man, and sometimes a man has to take what he wants... even if it's his own Mother.... Compilation includes full versions of "Say Yes" "Mom, You Will Do As I Say" "My Son's Ass Addiction" & "Mom, I Do What I Want" ***Starring Melanie Hicks, Dava Foxx, Alexis Rain, & Cory Chase***
Family Therapy-We're Having Potato Chips for Dinner

We're Having Potato Chips for Dinner My sister Molly Jane is once again violating my private space. After getting out of the shower I catch her snooping in my room. She says I stole a pair of her panties. I tell Molly that those are my girlfriend's panties, and that she needs to get out of my room. She doesn't believe I even have a girlfriend. I get angry and tell her that Mom and Dad are out getting potato chips for dinner, and that means I'm in charge. I throw my little sister down on my bed and slap her. I tell her she better give me that special massage I like with her mouth or I'll tell Mom and Dad what a brat she is being sneaking in my room again. She reluctantly starts sucking my cock. I pull off her slutty booty shorts and rub her pussy. I shove my cock back in my sister's mouth and face fuck her. My sister's mouth feels so good but I can't stop now... I can't hold back any longer...
Family Therapy-Trust Me

Trust Me I've spent hundreds of hours watching taboo porn. Father/daughter, Mother/son, cousins, and my favorite, brother/sister. I can't even remember the first time I saw it, but after awhile it was all I could get off to. Sometimes I would feel guilty, but I would usually just convince myself that it was just a fantasy, it didn't make me a bad person... Eventually I realized that I had to do it in real life, just watching it on my computer wasn't good enough
Family Therapy-Training My Little Sister

Training My Little Sister I've been lifting for years. It's more than just a hobby or something I do so I can pick up girls at the beach. It's a lifestyle. Even though I got laid off from my job and had to move back in with my parents, I can still workout. I'm so broke I had to get rid of my gym membership, but I still have a few free weights, it's not much, but it's enough to get a good pump... The other day my annoying little sister came into my room while I was lifting. She said Mom told her I had to let her workout with me. It's total bulls#!t
Family Therapy-The Genuine Good Girlfriend

The Genuine Good Girlfriend My 19 year old sister Marina has a fucking loser boyfriend who is always stressing her out. I have no idea what she see's in him. He's always calling all the time to check on her and make sure she's not messing around with other guys. He even thinks she's still a virgin, what an idiot!!! When I heard her in her room talking to him I thought I try and cheer her up -- with my dick! Her loser boyfriend even called again while we were fucking and my sister answered the phone.
Family Therapy-Spring Break  Part 2 Mom Needs More

Spring Break Part 2 Mom Needs More Son, it's no use trying to pretend it didn't happen. You're all grown up now and you can make your own decisions... But I know you want me as much as I want you. Your Father came home early from his trip, so what? Are you that scared of him? Trust me, he won't catch us... I need more son, we can't stop yet. Don't worry so much, this can be our little spring break secret.... pt.2 of 2 ***Starring Charlee Chase***
Family Therapy-Son  We Dont Have Time
Family Therapy-Son  Its Ok To Be Gay

Son Its Ok To Be Gay Son, I saw what you were looking at before you slammed your laptop shut. That was GAY porn. You don't have to lie to me, or be embarrassed. I'm your Mother, I've seen it all... Son, it's OK to be gay. If you're gay, you can tell me, I'll still love you just the same... So you say you're not gay, you were just curious? But you're not 100% sure, are you Son? Well don't worry, Mommy is here to help you sort this all out.... ***Starring Melanie Hicks & a REAL creampie from her not very gay son***
Family Therapy-Son  I'm Always Here to Help
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