Inshadow-Country Girl

During holidays at the farm, the girl is taking a walk, then get assaulted and strangled by a local “disturbed” guy.
Inshadow-Dirty Sisters
Inshadow-Rest Room Horror

A business girl goes to the restroom and get hanged, gagged, teased, abused and strangled with steel wire…
Inshadow-The Boston Strangler

Called by a girl home alone, the plumber faces his demons as he imagines her naked and teasing him. Loosing control, he attacks her, drowns her into the sink, undresses her, abuse her body before torturing her using his tools and smothring her with a latex sheet.
Inshadow-Killer IN BLACK
Inshadow-Jeans Girl
Inshadow-Insane Nurse
Inshadow-Incest Murder
Inshadow-Fetish Model
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