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Peachy Keen Films-Target Eliminated

Starring Brandy, Alexander. Directed by John Marshall. She had been on the run for months. Her family murdered as well as anyone who ever tried to help her. Now, she thought she was safe. Playing student at a local university. The call came. It was him. It was a warning. It was time to run again. She tried to warn her innocent roommate, but without the knowledge of what she had been through, Amber just giggle--thought she was trippin' on molly or something. Brandy had no time to wait for her and no time to mourn.
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Peachy Keen Films-Shot Her a Bunch

Starring Allie James. Directed By John Marshall. A girl is alone in the office and decided to cam with a friend. Soon she is masturbating in front of her computer screen. She keeps her pantyhose on, and ribs her clit through the fabric until she cums.
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Peachy Keen Films-Penance 2

  • 30 January 2016
  • Peachy Keen Films-Penance 2

    Starring: Raven Brandy, Alexander. Jenny was packing. She had to catch a plane and she had a lot on her mind. The phone rang. It was Raven with good news. She just finished wiring the money they stole to an off shore bank. Raven and Jenny were friends since collage. The worked for the same man. Jenny was his lover, but only used it to her advantage to take the bastards money. In truth, Jenny and Raven were lovers and now, they would be together and be rich. They each had separate flights to catch before they could meet up and finally be happy together. They said their goodbyes.
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    Peachy Keen Films-More Gun-Fun Micah

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    Peachy Keen Films-MachineGunned then MorgueFunned

    Starring Summer and Lexxi. Directed By John Marshall. Summer tried to comfort Lexxi after a recent break up with her boyfriend. They were along in the house--their parents away. They fondle and pleasure each other. A man interrupts them. It is there uncle, out of jail. He is looking for their parents to enact his revenge, but these nubile young teenagers will have to suffice. He mows the two naked girls down with his Uzi. Then, as they are spasming on the floor, he finishes them off with two more shots each.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Leotard Necro

  • 30 January 2016
  • Peachy Keen Films-Leotard Necro

    Starring Jizzabelle and Alisha Adams. A young women is working out at the studio. She is wearing a yellow leotard and goes through her stretching routine. Someone is watching her. He waits just around the corner, watching her stretch and bend in her tight leotard--her body perfectly formed, calling him to her. He approaches her, gun pointed. She is startled, quickly gets up and runs--runs for her life. But, he quickly shoots her in the back. She collapses hard to the floor.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 6

    Starring Rilynn Rae. Carl sits alone in the office. It is after hours. He has a pack of pack of beer and is ready for some alone time. He picks up the woman's shoe, pours beer into it, and starts drinking. This ritual might seem strange to the casual observer and anyone watching this would probably want to skip these next 2 minutes, but for Carl, he was in heaven. After several drinks, he was also drunk.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Dressed to be Killed

    Starring: Mikki. Mikki goes to her fake job interview where the man assures her that she will get the fake job. She, of course, does not know it is fake. The man is a collector for a company that gathers bodies for whatever reason. This was his catch for the day. Mikki sits in her new fake office chair and waits for the man to return with some additional paperwork. But, when he returns, it is with a rag soaked with chloroform. Once unconscious, he drags her away.
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