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Missax-Reprogrammed part II

  • 18 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Reprogrammed part IIIncest porno Missax-Reprogrammed part II

    You've inserted a USB port into your wife's neck some time ago. You love designing programs to make her behave in whatever way that turns you on. Today you are having a dinner party, and you've invited all your friends who seem the most open to "something wild," that you have planned. I'm in the bathroom, changing my blouse, "silly, I spilled a little wine on my last blouse." I am glad that my husband came to check in on me. I know he's been wanting to be a little adventurous, have a three some, a foursome even, but I am simply not the type. I am a lady, a professional woman, and I can't imagine doing those slutty things. I do want to show him how I wish to please him by wearing darker make-up, like the naughty girls he watches on xxx videos, and fishnet pantyhose. I giggle as I adjust my mini skirt. He sees something on my neck, what is it? Then he inserts something into my neck that makes my mind go completely blank. He programs me to fuck my best girlfriend.
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    Incest porno Missax-Reprogrammed part III Ultimate FantasyIncest porno Missax-Reprogrammed part III Ultimate Fantasy

    I am a very busy conservative wife and mother. My darling husband is still sexually turned on by me, and I feel bad for turning him down. I desperately want to be the woman I promised I would be when we married. I went to a man who specializes in mind control, he promised to help release my tension, re-program my mind to suit my husband's fantasies with a simple remote control. This will give my husband his ultimate fantasy and also train my brain to loosen up.
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    Incest porno Missax-Reprogrammed Wife to Horny BabysitterIncest porno Missax-Reprogrammed Wife to Horny Babysitter

    I've had the worst day at work! I come home, ask for my flannel pajamas, a glass of wine, and I can't wait to watch my stories on TV and unwind. My guy has a wicked grin on his face, he wants to fuck, but he's GOT to be kidding me! I'm far to stressed to make love. He is persistent, and I get angry with him and tell him to leave me be.
    He comes back with his laptop and an USB plug. I am laying on the sofa. I didn't realize that he has inserted a device that controls my brain inside of my neck sometime ago. He plugs the USB plug inside of my neck. "OUCH!" It really hurts!
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    Incest porno Missax-Robot Automatic Nursery MistakeIncest porno Missax-Robot Automatic Nursery Mistake

    I am a professional reporter covering a very controversial machine, it's called the "AUTONURSERY." This invention replaces nurses in the maternity ward with robots. There are many people who worry about malfunction, b4by safety, and the psychological effects of not having a loving, human touch. Carlos, the inventor, believes that his robots are even more sufficient than humans. I am interviewing this scientist/inventor, and he explains that he can not allow cameras into the Autonursery, it still needs some final touches, however he allows me into the nursery to get the inside scoop for my channel. a fresh diaper.
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    Incest porno Missax-Robot Automatic Nursery part IIIncest porno Missax-Robot Automatic Nursery part II

    My twin sister is a reporter who covered a story on a Robot Automatic Nursery. She's been missing for months now, and the police are no longer returning my concerned phone calls. I decide to go down to the Police Office, in person, they HAVE to speak to me then. They inform me that the time has elapsed, and she is no longer considered a missing person, but deceased. There is nothing they can do. I am enraged! They slacked off on investigating and now I must find her myself. My sister is a strong woman, much like myself, and I know she is not deceased.
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    PKF Studios-Ember On The Rack

  • 17 February 2017
  • Snuff porn PKF Studios-Ember On The RackSnuff porn PKF Studios-Ember On The Rack

    Starring Ember Stone. Opening on a young girl, Ember, tied up from the wrists and attached to the ceiling, she terrified as sheТs been captured against her will and made to wear a tiny pink bikini. Ember dangles and lifts her petite feet trying to get a little more comfortable but she cannot shake her nerves, especially when her captor comes to the basement and begins to look her over stroking her legs with his flogger and slowly pealing back her bikini top exposing her pierced nipples.
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    Annabelles Fantasy-Bloody Revenge

  • 17 February 2017
  • Sooting porn Annabelles Fantasy-Bloody RevengeSooting porn Annabelles Fantasy-Bloody Revenge
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    Snuff porn Annabelles Fantasy-Because your body is so hotSnuff porn Annabelles Fantasy-Because your body is so hot
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    Strangle porn Annabelles Fantasy-Arrived too LateStrangle porn Annabelles Fantasy-Arrived too Late
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    Missax-Mommy's Helper

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mommy's HelperIncest porno Missax-Mommy's Helper

    I call out for my son. I need him to help me decide on what to wear for my date. He sits, like such a helpful boy while I untie my robe. He's getting a bit too old to see me in my lingerie so I politely ask him to cover his eyes. I slide on a sexy dress and I don't even notice that he immediately peeks at me undressing. I look over at him and tell him to uncover his eyes. He zips me up. "It's too dressy," he says.
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