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Missax-Mommy's Make-a-Wish

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mommy's Make-a-WishIncest porno Missax-Mommy's Make-a-Wish

    Mommy has been yearning for her son every since she starting watching a particular young man in porn that looks just like him. She dreams of being the young lady that he slides his thick boy meat into. She devises a wicked plan to get him to take the next plane back home. Mommy tells her baby boy that she is sick and needs her son to come take care of her. She knows he has a soft spot for her, always has, and she knows just the right strings to pull to get him to book the flight. The next evening she wears her hottest lingerie, sheer pink panties, satin robe, and waits for him watching her favorite porn actor. He comes in and she fake coughs.
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    Missax-Mommy's Sex Slave

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mommy's Sex SlaveIncest porno Missax-Mommy's Sex Slave

    I'm a single mother and I have been taking classes to be a Mesmerizing therapist. I am in training to help cure people of terrible addictions, and afflictions. I notice that my son has an affliction that he needs to be cured of.. and I want to practice my method on him. He comes in, young, handsome. It's fucked up to have such a thing for my son.. and I know he would never go for it.. but if I successfully fuck his mind, he will be completely mine. The thought of it makes my panties wet.
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  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-MommyIncest porno Missax-Mommy

    Mom is always on my nuts about bringing hotties home. The last girl I brought home wore her stripper heels down the hallway when she left, she also took the liberty of taking some of Mom's foods in the refrigerator, like the bitch owned the place, which also made Mom go totally batshit.
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    Incest porno Missax-Monstrous part II Champagne RoomIncest porno Missax-Monstrous part II Champagne Room

    Missa enters the private room of Honey Nightclub's hottest dancer, Josette Duval. Josette dances hesitantly for Missa, "I've never danced for a girl before, but you're really beautiful, can you tell I am a little nervous?" Missa reaches into her purse, "I have a little something for your nerves." Josette's eyes light up, she's used to the doorman giving his big spender's party pills, "Did Anton give you those?"
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  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-MonstrousIncest porno Missax-Monstrous

    I have been fooling around with my college roommate for awhile now but she's a shy girl and hasn't been allowing me to go all the way with her. Her hesitation to my advances drives me absolutely mad with sexual frustration. I know she loves the way I touch her, her legs quiver whenever I'm near her, she just needs a little liquid courage.
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    Incest porno Missax-Mother Moisturizes EVERYTHING part IIIncest porno Missax-Mother Moisturizes EVERYTHING part II

    Mommy checks in on her son. She wants to make sure he is sleeping at a reasonable hour, and to tuck him in. She knows that he is getting too old to be coddled like she does, but she can't help it. He is everything to her. She lives for his happiness and she knows he loves her too.
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    Incest porno Missax-Mother Moisturizes EVERYTHINGIncest porno Missax-Mother Moisturizes EVERYTHING

    You mum catches you playing with her toys inside her bedroom! She playfully says, "heeey!" She takes them out of your hands and noticed your dry skin. She grabs the lotion on her nightstand and starts to moisturize your hands, then your arms, your chest, and now "pull down your under- roos."
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    Missax-Mother's Bedtime Story II

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mother's Bedtime Story IIIncest porno Missax-Mother's Bedtime Story II

    I hear a stirring inside my Son's room. Is he awake, again?! His insomnia is no doubt the cause of my recent divorce. I probably am not helping by dating already. I tell my Son that I am concerned for him, and I am only trying to find another man to love us both. I take off my stockings, my Son's eyes widen, and I explain "you must try to sleep, darling." I know that his sleeplessness is affecting his grades, and I believe also that his own sexual frustration is affecting his sleep. I can tell right away that he has a hard on underneath the blanket, so thick, so hard. I explain to him that I also saw the naughty videos he is watching, and they do not explain sex from a woman's perspective. My boy will be courteous of a woman's sexual needs. I need to instruct him, how to masturbate, how to dream of sex. I open up my pussy so he can see how wondrous a woman's most intimate place can be; so wet, so pink, so soft.
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    Missax-Mother's Day Foot Love

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mother's Day Foot LoveIncest porno Missax-Mother's Day Foot Love

    It's Mother's Day, and you totally forgot. Mom calls you into her dressing room, she wants to know if you brought her anything for Mother's Day. "Really, darling?" She asks you with disappointment. She wants a foot massage instead. She explains how hard she has been working and her feet need much love. You rub her feet and her head falls back with pleasure. Your eyes widen. She wants you to give her toe a little kiss, and then she pushes it so gently inside your mouth. You suck on her toes, on her feet, and lick up her soles. She gives you the other foot, she is expecting the same treatment.
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    Missax-Mouthy Bitch

  • 17 February 2017
  • Incest porno Missax-Mouthy BitchIncest porno Missax-Mouthy Bitch

    My EX-boyfriend comes to my door. I just kicked his ass out last night. I broke it off with him. I am tired of being with such a loser, and I am ready to move on. He comes to the door holding a voodoo doll and a strand of my hair. I laugh at him. What a stupid ass! It looks like this asshole went to the witch doctor and bought a voodoo doll. What in the hell does he think he is going to do with that thing? I laugh even more then, he puts a pin in one of the legs! My leg is frozen.
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