Chris Corner–A monster rape
Psycho-Thrillers-A Thing In Passing

A Thing In Passing starring KASEY WARNER & ERIC MASTERSON. A young socialite is found murdered in the upper parking lot across from a famous art gallery in Los Angeles. The young ****** was partially nude and appeared to have had consensual sex and was murdered or was attacked then *****…her neck was broken in 3 different places. Police are asking anyone who may have seen who she was with or who she may have been in contact with are urged to contact the police immediately.
Psycho-Thrillers-Death Poser

Death Poser starring LANA VIOLET & ANTHONY HARDWOOD. Lana plays a ******** returning home after running away from home. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut because she discovered Lana and her ***** in bed together, even though it wasn’t her fault. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut to be used and ******. Lana’s parents aren’t home so she leaves a message that she’ll return if certain conditions apply. After ******* up she decides to wait around. She becomes bored and masturbates in different sections of the bedroom.

Expose Starring SADIE SANTANA & JAKE JACE A news reporter who been producing expose on a serial killer within Los Angeles is gaining popularity which eventually leads to the serial killer putting her on his radar and being ****** to take action by kidnapping her. He ******* her because she is about to break a big story which chronicles the serial killer’s crimes but also she promises to reveal a source who claims to have a description of the serial killer.
Psycho-Thrillers-Natural Born Killers 13 - Valentines Day

Natural Born Killers KASEY WARNER, DAVA FOXX & ERIC MASTERSON. A married couple decides to treat each other to a Valentine’s Day gift, by kidnapping a young **** from a park during a jog then terrorizing her, torturing her and raping her until all three orgasm and climax before she is put out of her misery by being brutally hand ********* as his wife finger fucks the ****’s tight, throbbing pussy.
PKF Studio-Super Spies vs The Alien Invaders

Super Spies vs The Alien Invaders Agent Olive and Agent Tegan have been sent to hunt down escaped alien prisoners, they followed their trail to a warehouse. Read on the trigger, they burst in to where they believe the aliens to be, but instantly feel overwhelmed with vertigo and drop to the ground, they are being brain blasted by the aliens.

SECRET DESIRE Starring Madison and Tegan Mohr. Directed By John Marshall. She really lusted after her ex-roommate and hatched a plan to act out her fantasy. Her friend arrived and they got caught up. But Tegan was bored with her non-stop narcissistic talking. So, as soon as she was looking the other way, her plan went into effect.
PKF Studio-Seamonster Twins Fuck Tegan

Seamonster Twins Fuck Tegan Tegan has been captured by two Seamonster twins. She is chained up in their dungeon when the first brother comes in and fucks her while she is chained up until he cums deep inside of her tight pussy. The next brother is ready for his turn. He grabs her and throws her onto a mattress and fucks her deep and hard in several different positions until he cums. After he has finished raping her tight pussy she tries to escape and the monster wraps a rope around her throat and strangles her
PKF Studio-LOVE Drug
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