Psycho-Thrillers-Next Time Around
Choke Chamber-Fun With Blondes

Fun With Blondes They say, blondes have more fun, but that’s not always true. Here are three examples of three gorgeous blondes who will not have seen better days. Dafney is a serial dater who dreams of marrying a handsome prince charming… like a famous actor… or a rich plastic surgeon. She’s been lucky. All the men have been gentlemen. But, odds are… eventually you’ll meet one man who does not play by the your rules. She wakes to knocking at her door. It’s her date, and he looks like Luke Perry.
Choke Chamber-Fatal Deception
Choke Chamber-Con Gone Wrong
Choke Chamber-Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage Michael prowls his dating page. He’s a handsome fella, so there’s no shortage of young beautiful women to choose from. He sits and visualizes ways of kill them. Should he stab or shoot them. Tisk, tisk, decisions, decisions. Excited with his new prospects, he makes his way across town… breaks in… and without hesitation, pumps five bullets into Page in her kitchen.
Jim Hunter-Suspended Tortured And Bagged
Jim Hunter-Suspended Peril
Jim Hunter-SuperHeroine Water Torture Peril
Jim Hunter-Super Heroine Stranglulation Strappado
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