Psycho-Thrillers-Dominant Bitch Strangle Fucked

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Psycho-Thrillers-Dominant Bitch Strangle Fucked

Violet plays a dominatrix that doesn't know when to stop. She has a client over she never met before, a man who likes to be dominated and ********** or so he thinks. He is also new to this world and he wants to be released but she cannot get enough and takes her domination over him a bit too far.

PST - Dominant Bitch Strangle Fucked
She goes to the bathroom to take a dump, telling him she wants him to lick her ass clean when she returns. While she is away, he grabs the knife on the TV and cuts himself free. When she returns for her ass-licking, he attacks her, forcing her onto the bed and beneath him. He is a nerdy guy but he is stronger than her and he tightens his grip gradually around her neck.

Thinking he will eventually release her, she tries to tap out to show him he has the upper hand but he bears down and goes right through her signs of distress until she becomes terminal. The weaker she gets the harder his cock gets until she is near death and can feel his rod slide deep into her. Once he knows she's good and dead he pounds out his frustrated pleasure inside her, banging her lifeless body fast and passionately as her tight young pussy grips his throbbing pole. He is beyond the point of no return and he pulls out and sprays his wad all over her belly as a sign of triumph.

It is a dark little apartment on the corner of nowhere and no one will hear them. She will not be found for some time as her business was meant to be kept discreet. Frankly, she picked the wrong guy, submissive can turn deadly. He sits her up and snaps her neck strongly, making sure she won't ever come back to haunt him again.

Psycho-Thrillers-Dominant Bitch Strangle Fucked
Psycho-Thrillers-Dominant Bitch Strangle Fucked

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