Peachy Keen Films-After Hours

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Peachy Keen Films-After Hours

Starring Viva and Introducing Soleil. It's after hours and two girls are alone at the office finishing up some extra work. They talk about meeting after for a drink and to relax. Just then, a man casually walks in. When the first girl starts to ask who he is, he shoots her, then movies quickly to the other girl, now terrified. He tells her it is a robbery and empties out the petty cash she has in her desk drawer.
Then, he forces her against the wall and the fun begins. She is terrified....tears running down her checks. The other girl lay dying in the next cubical, unable to move--her lung punctured. He concentrated on this girl, forcing the gun in her mouth, then forcing her to slowly strip. At one point, she wets herself. When she is naked, he forces her over the desk and fucks her with his gun. Then, he forces her to stand against the wall. She begs for her life, but he shoots her in the pussy. As she covers the wound ***** pours out. She sinks to the floor and when she looks up at him, he shoots her in her right tit.
She falls to the floor in a fetal position in agony. He watched her for a moment, the shoots down into her left breast, peircing her heart. She flips to her back and is dead. He checks to make sure, then starts to leave. Ask he walks out, he remembers the first girls and has a flash back of shooting her. Then he goes into where she and lifts her up onto her desk. He decides to fuck her and as he does, he shoots her in the belly. After a while, he shoots her in her left breast and she dies. He finishes and leaves. Both girls lie bloody and dead.
Peachy Keen Films-After Hours
Peachy Keen Films-After Hours
Peachy Keen Films-After Hours

Runtime : 17min 1s
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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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