Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star

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Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star

Starring Jazzy Jamison and Rock. Nurse Jazzy walks into her patient's office and finds a major rock star lying on the examine table. She flips out and runs over to him, praising him and asking him to sing her a song. He sings her a few bars and complains of a splitting-migraine and that he needs special medicine. A blow job, she wonders? Of course!
She's not that kind of nurse and the employees don't do that sort of thing anymore or they could face termination. He decides it's not worth it to push her. He asks her to come closer so he can tell her about his new album, a secret perhaps. As she gets close his fist rams into her head and she goes down.
He picks her up off the floor and sets her on the examine table and begins stripping her down, pulling out his cock and stroking it as he prepares his biggest fan. He bends her head over the edge and fucks her mouth.
The Rock Star strips Nurse Jazzy's panties and begins fucking her tight pussy, grabbing onto her tits and moaning as he heals his "headache." He fucks her in a variety of positions before she wakes up, furious. She starts attacking him, but he overpowers her trying to calm her down.
She never wanted this, and since she's not going to be cool about the situation, he decides to end her right there. He grabs ahold of her neck and squeezes tight, her face contorting as the oxygen begins to slow. He shakes her and his hands get tighter until she goes limp. He leaves her dead body in the examine room and leaves.
Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star
Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star
Peachy Keen Films-Rock Star

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