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Chris Corner-Regal Realtors

15 June 2016
Chris Corner-Regal Realtors

Rex is a bachelor trying to sell his first house so he can buy an RV and travel around the country. While working on a yard on the upper west side, he saw a sign for Regal Realty. He loved their logo so he took down the number and called the agent. The very next day they sent an Agent and her lovely assistant to do a quick appraisal and get him listed. When they arrived, they had no idea the house was in a bad neighborhood, with old cabinets, wood paneling, dirty carpet and a musty smell, among other problems. The scene starts as they are finishing the walk through, and checking out the last room, the den, or his man cave.
Regal Realtors The snotty agent and her snide assistant are making fun of him at this point and let him know they would need to spend a ton of money on remodeling, not to mention the house being on the east side on the wrong side of the tracks. After pointing out so many things, being stuck up and telling him it is a waste of time for them, they try to leave. He is not happy with them poking fun at him in the first place, and making fun of his place so he gets upset, asking why they are laughing and want to leave. The assistant tells him in a rude tone, "We have another appointment" and tries to push him out of the way. He gets mad and elbows the assistant in the temple knocking her out and to the couch. The snotty agent freaks out and throws down her papers, backpedaling to the couch where he pounces on her and pulls out a silk stocking from his pocket. He quickly wraps it around her neck tightly and the fight is on. She kicks and fights him, slapping and clawing at his arms, then clawing at the tightly wound stocking. She kicks her legs and her heels come off in the struggle, leaving her sexy bare feet kicking and scrunching as she fights to stay alive. He is pissed and enjoying these rich bitches that think they are better than him because of where they live. He pulls tightly as the sexy agent's skirt hikes up, revealing her panties and natural bush coming out the sides. She fights hard, tongue out, eyes wide open, tongue fishing for any air, but the garotte is tight and there is none left. After fighting for a few minutes, watching her sexy feet and legs tense and spasm, then go still as she twitches her last rattle of death. He is still in a fury, so he removes the stocking, revealing a red mark on her neck from the hard struggle. He quickly moves to the unconscious assistant on the sofa. He gropes her, then removes her sandal heels, checking out her sexy feet and toes, then he heads back up to her, grabbing her under her arms and pulling her close to him so her feet barely hang off the edge of the Chase. Download Regal Realtors He wraps the stocking around her neck, then wakes her with slaps to the face from behind. She starts to come to, eyes opening looking dazed, until he reminds her of her mean comment about his house. She realizes she is a victim now and starts to fight back, slapping his face and clawing his arms. She kicks and bucks herself high off the couch and back down to it, kicking furiously as the stocking digs deep into her neck. She tries to pry it off but it doesn't help at all. He is too strong and too mad. She pushes her self up so he takes her to the floor, getting the upper hand again and going tighter on her neck. Her legs kick and ass shows as she rolls over like an alligator trying to get free. Her feet spasm and kick and her toes curl, revealing the pink polish on the tiny toes and size 6 foot. She bucks slower, and her eyes bug out, tongue protruding trying to dig for air, but there is none, only the stocking and her fate. After a long bout fighting him she winds down, long views of her sexy feet twitching and curling, then still, just like her sexy death stare. After she is dead, he pulls off the stocking leaving behind a nasty mark on her neck, then gets up and moves towards the Agent, positioning her on the couch so her feet show and she makes room for the assistant. He scoops up the assistant and shows off her lovely ass and feet as he takes her to the couch to face her dead co-worker. He positions them and leaves for a while. Their sexy dead, and clothed bodies are viewed and pans, long foot views from both sides, lots of up skirt. After a while he returns to play with their breasts and fondle them for a biit. He goes back and forth, even clutching one on each gal with his two hands, then switching feeling them up good before he leaves to get his pick up truck to dispose of the two stuck up, Regal Realtors.
Chris Corner-Regal Realtors
Chris Corner-Regal Realtors

Runtime : 23min 50s
File Size : 680 MB
Resolution : 720x480

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