Chris Corner-Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro

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Chris Corner-Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro

Ryanne in video Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro is a high class model. She has been referred by a girl she works with for massage. Johnny answers the door and sees his dream girl there for him to massage and hopefully get some play like some of the other models in the past. His whole m. o. is to find hot models to massage and have sex with. Ryanne is kinda creeped out but she goes through with it, changing from her dress to her bikini as they get acquainted with each other talking through the curtain.
Also see in the video Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro She gets on the table and he says he knows she is allergic to Coconut oil so he has some baby oil to use, but wants her to remover her nice swimsuit so she doesn't ruin it. She lets him take it off, bottoms first then the tops. She covers her breasts but her ass and pussy are plainly visible. He starts on her gluts, massaging the cheeks with the oil, then to the legs, after he does a nice job on her feet, complimenting her on her sexy soles. He moves to the shoulders and that is when he opens his mouth and inserts his foot. He says, "Yeah that is one of the perks of the job, to massage hot, naked, models". She is appalled and asks for her swimsuit, but instead he snaps her poor little neck. She flies twisted to the table and is immediately still, dead and eyes open. He plays and molests her body, rubbing and pinching her nipples and spreading her ass cheeks to see the pussy and ass, and of course her amazing red bush. Johnny loves to do some limp play and limb body play so he does for a while including hand drops, leg drops, rag dolling, fondling, and caressing. Then he removes his cock from his pants and uses her hand then hands to get himself hard, he gets a great Necro Hand Job from the dead gal, this sends him in a frenzy and he is very excited. He has sex with her lovely feet and cums all over them both but not before a great deal of dick whipping on the foot and a few other cool foot fetish surprises. After cumming he checks her body out some more, then cleans the cum off of the soles, after that he spreads her out face up on the table for everyone to see. lots of body pans and views.
Chris Corner-Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro
Chris Corner-Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro
Chris Corner-Ryanne Massage Necksnap Necro

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