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Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy

15 June 2016
Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy

Watching Spy Vs Spy video A sexy spy is trying to nail this Corporate Gangster by exposing his business. She searches his home while he is away, searching through filing cabinets, and folders looking for something to nail his ass with. As she makes her way to the office she notices a pink folder on the desk. She goes to check it out. She thinks she keeps hearing noises but when she turns to look no one is there. She doesn't know that a spy is tracking her and is watching her every move.
She starts to look inside the folder and smiles when she sees what she wants. When she thinks she is home free, she gets the feeling again but this time a voice tells her to set her gun down and turn around with her hands above her head. She slowly turns, and turns on her sexy seductive ways. She starts to move slowly towards the counter spy, unbuttoning her shirt to expose her bra, teasing him. He is not phased but figures this might be fun, then he will eliminate her. They meet mid room, she is massaging her own breasts, breathing in his ear, trying to seduce him. He is feeling and groping her in a rough way, copping a nice feel. When he starts to seem complacent she reaches to her waist and pulls a knife which he effortlessly disarms her, and with one motion has her on the sofa, he whips her back up by her arm and throws her against the wall punching her in her gut. She is stunned but still standing. He flips her around and kicks and slaps her behind till she is on the ground ass up. He toys with her, then lets her regain herself. He then taunts her with his hands motioning to.."come on".
Download Spy Vs Spy She comes at him but he punches her gut, then as she is set straight he uppercuts her knocking her out cold. She slides slowly to the floor and her eyes roll back in her head unconscious. He stares at her sexy body for a few seconds then removes her shirt, revealing her bra, then he scoops her up and sets her on the table. He starts to play with her, caressing and groping her body. He munches on her pantyhose covered pussy as she starts to unconsciously react to the feeling. She bites her lip and moans lightly as he plays with her pussy through the pantyhose. He whips his cock out and has her limp hand stroke him for a bit, then he titty fucks her, rubbing his cock all over her face and body including the hose. She is still out cold so he gets a bit more into it, fucking her with her pantyhose on and finally cumming all over her legs and ass. He shoots his load all over her pantyhose admiring his own work. He wipes it down after a moment then gets her in position for the kill. He leaves her on the table, grabbing a thin black cord from his pocket and wrapping it around her neck, then pulls. She slowly comes out of being unconscious then starts to struggle hard. She grabs at the garrote trying to free herself but she is pinned to the table at the hands of the spy assassin, and his strangle. Her tongue sticks out, mouth and eyes wide as she fights, bucking her hips and ass on the table right before he goes hard. She twitches and flails, then starts to slow as he bears down hard on her. She twitches and slows her eyes stay wide, then start to go glassy and still. Her final twitch is to no avail, she is dead. He is finished with his job, so he grabs his stuff, including her gun and leaves the scene for all to view her dead stare.
Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy
Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy
Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy

Runtime : 29min 42s
File Size : 1.54 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy.wmv - 1.54 GB

Chris Corner-Spy Vs Spy.wmv

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