Psycho-Thrillers-Dateline Sex Predators 2

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Psycho-Thrillers-Dateline Sex Predators 2

Emy plays a young **** who meets an older man online. With her parents away, she decides to take a chance and fulfill one of her fantasies of inviting a guy over and sucking him dry. It is just for a fun and a young teenage thrill. She is not looking for anything more, not looking to have vaginal sex or anything close to it because she doesn't want to the risk of pregnancy. She believes that strip teasing and sucking a man's cock until he comes should be a great experience both for him and her.but she was fatally wrong.
he invites a man she met online over and they are all alone; not even her friends know about their secret meeting. She strip teases him as he undresses from the waist down for his blow job. He waits her for, he is straight to the point, not wanting to waste time. She goes right to work, stripping then kissing, licking and sucking his dick. It's her first time and her fantasy is going exactly as planned. She finds out she's a good cocksucker and can get a seasoned man off in minutes but that's where her thrill ends.

She begins to get dressed when he grabs her and asks for vaginal sex. She refuses and is shocked, thinking he should be happy with what he just got. Maybe she'll invite him back later for more oral sex or maybe she'll get another guy, but this encounter was over in her mind, but not his. He grabs her and ****** her onto her back on the bed. He is going to get what he's come for. She tries to fight him off and threaten him but all it does is piss him off. He looks for the closest thing to silence her, her orange top.

He grabs it and wraps it nice and tight around the little ****'s throat and pulls it really tight. She thrashes, trying to get air any way she can but he fights to maintain control over her. Emy is feisty and a worthy challenger for her size, so full of life as she tries to ***** his face away. A few twists and turns and he has her where he wants her. He digs down into Emy forcing her little body to shut down and go into shock. PST-Dateline Sex Predators
Emy spasms as the life leaves her eyes. She suddenly looks empty as the man pours it on. It is now an unfair fight with the room under a thick cloud of silence Her bare feet thrash and spasm and drool seeps from the corner of her mouth. Emy is dead. The man releases her, checks her pulse on her neck and wrist then takes what he wants. He enters Emy's tight pussy and pumps away, fucking her with a passion he'd never experienced in decades. Such a young ****, forbidden fruit, untouched now spoiled. He pulls his angry flesh sword out of her, grabs her and throws her face down. He admires her soft sexy little brown ass then puts his cloths on a leaves her there with his semen dripping out of her pussy.
Psycho-Thrillers-Dateline Sex Predators 2
Psycho-Thrillers-Dateline Sex Predators 2
Psycho-Thrillers-Dateline Sex Predators 2

Runtime : 29min 15s
File Size : 288 MB
Resolution : 352x288

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