Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V

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Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V

Starring Rilynn Rae. LIFE-Rilynn shows up a bit nervous, but is made to feel at home right away. The photographer is easy going and kind of goofy. He guides her through some death poses, taking many photos. Later, he wants some nudity, but she is not comfortable. He offers her a drink. Poisoned, she spasms and froths on the bed as he continues to take photos.
DEATH-In the morgue, she lays. Still in her clothes, very dead, with dried foam around her mouth. It has been only been 5 hours, but she is in rigor. No blood pooling because of her dark complexion. She cuts off her clothing, rolls her, take pictures, measure wounds and comment on her condition. Sandra, the attendant on call, worked to process the body. She cuts off her clothing, cleans her, then works to break the rigor. Carl, the local crime scene photographer comes in. He has to finish taking photos and tells Sandra she can take a break, so she does. Alone, he smiles, puts the camera down and does a complete exam of her---fingering, rubbing her. Licking her pussy. Fucking her mouth. Finally, he fucks her--first missionary, the rolls her and fucks her over the table until he cums on her ass. He picks her up and gets her settled in the right position about the time Sandra comes back. He leaves, but Sandra makes him leave his camera so she can process the still later. Nervously, he hands it too her and leave. She continues processing the corpse. She tags her, combs her hair for evidence, swabs her pussy, rolls her, and sits her up. Finally, she covers her with a sheet and leaves. Later, she washes the victim from head to toe, soaping her up and making sure that all parts are cleaned thoroughly. She even washes her hair. Finally she is done and leaves the glistening body to air dry.
Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V
Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V
Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V
Peachy Keen Films-Life and Death V

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