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Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date

10 July 2016
Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date

Strippers Last Date This is a long and focused look into a day of a stripper bitch who thinks she can hustle whoever she wants, and take their money for nothing but a shake of her tail and long hair, stick her fine ass in their faces, rub her wet pussy all over their jeans, and tease them until it breaks the bank, then move on to the next lick. She is dressing in her room, getting ready for her next victim, you see her and her friends at work decided to have a contest to see how many licks they could get in, and the one with the most got to have the honor of being the best, plus a sizable cut of the others money.
She dresses slowly, checking herself out in the mirror, then trying on a couple pairs of shoes, until she settles on some sexy canvas heels, a skirt, some g-string panties, and a tight top to show her perfect tits. Before she leaves she gets herself in the mood for dancing and grinding, playing with herself on the bed, flipping over and going over the fabric of the satin panties to grabbing her own tits and ass as she is fingering her clit to get off, let one go and get hers before hitting the client to take his coin. When she arrives at the address, it is a new client, he is nice, and not a chatty guy, so she starts the music and dances for him, giving him a sexy hot strip-tease with a grinding hot lap dance that makes him stray in his mind momentarily, that he is a "fill in", a "hit man", and he is there for a job.
Strippers Last Date She dances, gets naked, lets him touch and feel, grab and rub wherever, then when the music stops she gets dressed and goes to count her envelope of cash on the cedar chest. He is very happy, but focused on his job, he knocks her out with an elbow to the head, and she goes face first to the floor. he kneels down feels her up some more, checking her ass. He then handcuffs her arms behind her back so he can strangle her to death when she comes too, without any scratches. When she comes to she is dazed and confused, she looks towards him with wonder, and he explains why he is there instead of the normal client, "You see i work for one of your clients and he, and others are not happy with you and your friends". He then explains that he knows her cell phone has all the info he needs to do the homework and pulls para cord from his pockets and strangles her hard. He puts her to the test and takes her hard, pulling tight, getting her into position so he can see her kick in her heels and move around.. He then rolls her over and strangles her from a knee while she thrashes and chokes with her ass and pussy sticking in the air and her hands cuffed behind her. You can see her face under his knee and the lack of air is making her change in color, she is dying and as she spasms hard, as he finishes her off. With a dying outward breath, and a roll of the eyes she dies. As soon as she is dead, still ass up, she pisses herself and makes a puddle, the view of her dripping wet panties and puddle show the evidence. he drys her up with a towel, then cleans her up a bit undressing her so he can check her out before calling the clean up crew.
Strippers Last Date He checks her pussy and ass, spreading her, then he checks her mouth after he flips her over. After taking off her shoes he rolls her back face down and cuffs her again, including her legs, then zipties them together hogtie style, so she can be stuffed in a trunk easier, and covers her body up with a sheet, and makes the call.

Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date
Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date
Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date
Chris Corner-Strippers Last Date

Runtime : 36min 32s
File Size : 935 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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