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Chris Corner-The Coldest Agent

10 July 2016
Chris Corner-The Coldest Agent

The Coldest Agent Savannah and Chris are partners in the agency, they are on a month long stake out and today they are going to clear the house, due to a suspected drop off. Chris hazes his long time partner about having some "free time to kill", and how "Hot" she looks. Savannah is unimpressed and demands respect, and is cold, and unresponsive to his flirting. She threatens to file "Sexual Harassment", and he calms her down as the director calls to let him know they are a go to clear the house across the street. They head in and down the hall to a room, there is a table with a cell phone, savannah moves to it, grabbing it and looking through the contacts.
Chris warns her it is probably a trap, which she figures out when she sees a familiar number and dials it, when Chris' phone rings, and she looks up he has already raised his gun and fires a round into her shoulder spinning her to the floor, she is a tough broad, so she stands up and Chris puts one in each breast with a double tap as she tries to maneuver out of the situation. When she comes to her feet he spins her around with another round to the opposite shoulder, making her heels clack on the wood floor, and propelling her against the door. As she slides down, the blood on her hand from clutching her wounds makes a trail down the door. As she is almost down to her knees, Chris puts four more rounds from his Model 92 into her back, and it puts her down, she slides down face first, then rolls over to buck and twitch, writhing in pain, wondering. why? Chris lets her die for a moment, mocking her, then he picks her up in a cradle and carries her to the table, laying her out so he can screw the "Coldest Bitch In The Agency". As she dies he gets his nice shirt and tie off, she dies on the table, her legs dangling, showcasing her sexy feet in heels, and the bloody chest and shoulders she acquired during the action. She dies with a final gasp, going limp. Chris has sex with her corpse, until he gets his fill, then he leaves her for pans. He does return, making sure she has no "Wire", so he checks her breast, and leaves the scene for more pans of the wounds and hot dead agent Savannah!
Chris Corner-The Coldest Agent
Chris Corner-The Coldest Agent
Chris Corner-The Coldest Agent

Runtime : 11min 29s
File Size : 389 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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