Chris Corner-White Tail Huntin

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Chris Corner-White Tail Huntin

White Tail Huntin Starring: Belle Fatale, SaraLiz, Genetica V.w/ Bronson and Puck. 3 young ladies are out for a hike in Forested Park. They hike for hours, losing the map along the way and walking in circles as they fight among themselves and each gal tries to be the hero, but they all fail. Clayton and Teeter are two hick hunters who are out trying to muster up some grub and talking about their frustrating wives, both of which are blowing everyone in their tiny town. As both groups grow closer together in reference to each other, tensions get higher, and attitudes get poorer.
They guys know it is getting dusk so they get quiet and hike up the trail when they hear a noise. Teeter stops and swears he sees a white tail through the ferns, so he takes his shot and thwap! Direct hit. As the two men come around the corner they notice that it is 3 coeds and one is hit in the left, upper breast. The other two gals don't even notice that Sara is hit, they just say, "wow that shot was close", then they see Sara sitting down like she is tired, when they get closer to her they see she is wounded and freak out, panicking. They try to stop the bleeding and try to keep her alive but she bleeds from her mouth and her wound hit the aorta so she is a goner, she twitches, goes wide eyed then still as she dies quickly. Then chaos commences and the two other gals are screaming at the two hicks and get aggressive. Clayton is not impressed by his brother's mistake, especially since it has happened before on a white tail hunt. As Belle and Gen come towards them yelling, Clayton shoots Belle in the tummy knocking her back, then walks up to her and shoots her at close range in the center of the forehead killing her instantly. Gen is watching this and turns to run, getting a few yards up the trail before Teeter pops her in the back shoulder, knocking her face down to the trail. They advance on her as she begs for mercy, but teeter puts his mark right between the eyes killing her at once. All 3 gals lay dead in and around the trail. They decide to get them in the truck, so Teeter make Clayton carry them all. The two share interesting, rural dialogue during the trek. They arrive at their Grandmas trailer in the woods. They carry the gals from the truck to the couch, then molest, undress, discuss the wounds, and have necro sex with a couple of them. They are scared of the "Woolly Bugger" on Sara's pussy(referring to her bush) so they focus on banging the other two.
White Tail Huntin Clayton especially likes Genetica because it reminds him of a very special person that gave him life, so he picks her the best. After fucking the bodies and talking about the wounds, they take them back to the truck and put them in the back to drive them to the grave site. Their bodies bounce around the back of the truck as they drive down the dusty gravel road into the sunset.
Chris Corner-White Tail Huntin
Chris Corner-White Tail Huntin
Chris Corner-White Tail Huntin

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