Psycho-Thrillers-I Finally Fucked You

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Psycho-Thrillers-I Finally Fucked You

Rio plays a neighbor obsessed with a neighbor who lives down the street from him. Trouble begins when he sees her leave with a garbage bag full of laundry. Thinking he has time, he sneaks into her home, just as he always did without being caught. This time was different. Because the washing machines were full at the laundry mat, Courtney had to return early, leaving the laundry for her husband. Already behind at her job, she decides to return home to grab an hour of rest before leaving again. He hears her enter and decides to hide somewhere in her bedroom. He is a large man so the only place for him to hide is the closet.
His plan is to avoid being spotted but if she does or if she gets too close, he knows he has to attack while he has the advantage. Courtney enters her bedroom and throws herself onto the bed to relax. She decides to remove her shoes then something compels her to look into the closet. As she kneels to look for something inside, a hand reaches out, grabs her hair and slams her head into the back wall of the closet, knocking her unconscious. He steps out the closet to survey the damage he just created. Finally they were alone. He always wanted to fuck her, but couldn't because she was married. He never approached her, never spoke with her and barely knew her outside of an occasional hello.

He allowed himself to touch her soft legs and to trail up under her dress and to expose her ass. Courtney was a tall, strong girl who deserved to have her ass kissed, and that's exactly what he did.kiss her ass. Courtney wore a thong with the strap buried deep between her large plump ass. She liked it that way, to feel the floss brushing back and forth between her pussy and asshole. He spread her ass, lowered his face and kissed her ass then boldly kissed her asshole. He could hear Courtney moan; she liked it. He got even bolder and spread her pussy lips. He kissed them then sucked and licked on them, making her hotter. After exploring her pussy and anal cavity he sat her up against him so he could fondle her entire body. As Courtney groaned in her wet dream, his strong hands were allover her stiff little tits. He spread her soft thighs and finger fucked her pussy and kissed her neckline. Her pussy became really wet so he bent her over her bed. His cock was already hard so he used it to enter her pussy from behind. I Finally Fucked You

Courtney groaned then awakened when his cock started probing deeper and deeper. Knowing now she was a rape victim, Courtney began to struggle and protest and curse for her freedom but her attacker was stronger. He enjoyed her liveliness but it was getting out of control. He needed something to control her, then the thought came to him. Still fucking her, he reached down and grabbed at her nylon stocking until it came away in his hand. He quickly wrapped it around her neck and began to pull it tight. Courtney's yelling turned to gurgles and gags as she now fought to breathe. She thrashed and kicked her legs to force his cock out her cunt and the garrote to loosen from her neck to no avail. As the minutes ticked away, Courtney grew weaker and drool leaked from the corners of her mouth. Finally her head lowered to the bed, she was dead but he didn't stop there. He laid her on her back and fucked her with a passionate pace, staring into her lifeless eyes. He fucked her for a long time then climaxed inside her pussy. I Finally Fucked You He pulled out and whispered to her that he's finally fucked her. He pulled out, leaving a creamy pussy as he dressed and left. Moments later, her urine splashed across the bed sheets. It was over.
Psycho-Thrillers-I Finally Fucked You
Psycho-Thrillers-I Finally Fucked You
Psycho-Thrillers-I Finally Fucked You

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