Peachy Keen Films-3 Way Surprise

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Peachy Keen Films-3 Way Surprise
Peachy Keen Films-3 Way Surprise
Peachy Keen Films-3 Way Surprise
Peachy Keen Films-3 Way Surprise

Starring Wenona and Tegan Mohr. It was a simple plan. Lure her to the apartment though a sex ad. And it worked. The assassin couple waited for their mark, bidding there time with a moment of sexual play. The girl arrived and the fun started. It was a 3-way involving this girl---soon to be deceased. But, this was they way they rolled. This was the way they liked it. It started out lesbian, then the girls were on him as well and soon he was fucking both girls all ways
Things got interesting though, when she handed him the gun. He was turned on by her lust for the death of this girl while he was fucking her. But, she made it even more interesting and got into the 69 position with the girl. He held the gun to the side, the girl--there target, was oblivious thinking this was some sexy rendezvous with a 30-something swinger couple.
She ate the older girls pussy as she was bing fucked by the gun. And his girlfriend was right there when he popped--cum falling off her tight young ass, into the older woman's face and she lapped it up.
This young girl---20-something, just had the most incredible sexual experience of her life. And she wanted more. Behind her head---the gun was pointed. She started to say something and BAM. Blew a hole in her and she was dead.
The assassin girl was reveling in what just happened, then scooted herself out from under the dead girl. Oh, and she was dead---parts of her were dripping and falling off the wall. But, that did not end it. The couple was real turned on and fucked over and too the side of the dead girl. Then, while his partner held the dead girls feet, he fucked and came all over them.
Finally, he was done and wanted to leave. But she still wanted to have some fun. She put on a strap on that she found in the girls purse, and started fucking her. She was bringing herself to orgasm when her partner, pissed that she was taking to long, put two slugs in her back.
The girl fell over the other, but not all the way. Still alive, her ass and pussy, still wiggling and spasming on the dildo strapped to the dead girl.
He went around and shot her in the side of the head to finish her off. Then, on his way out, shot her again in the back. Damn, he went though partners fast.

Runtime : 41min 29s
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