Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession

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Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession
Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession
Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession
Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession

Starring: Raven. A legal secretary finished up a rather large project that her boss gave her and prepares to leave for a family emergency. As she gets up, her boss, in the office after hours, confronts her with a confession. It seems that he is really attracted to her. He approaches her and starts putting the movies on her. She is reluctant to push him away, after all, he is her boss. She gives in and they have sex.
Afterwords, she feels really bad and wants to report what happened to his boss so she has a clear conscious. Unfortunately, this wound not bode well for him, so he knocks her out.
Unconscious, lying on her desk, he decides to have some more fun with his hot young paralegal. He sucks her bountiful breasts, then makes his way to her sweet young pussy, and licks and sucks her juices. Later, he has her tied to a chair, hands bound behind her---all with various cables he found around the office. He grabs a thin, steel wire, and puts it around her neck, then tightens it. She wakes up, instantly struggling. The wire digs into her soft neck. Her muscles all tighten and she struggles hard and for a long, long time. Over time, she is covered in sweat and a small trickle of ***** can be seen on her nostril. Her chest heaves and jerks, sending her breasts bouncing wildly. Her leg muscles are locked tight and shaking. Her mouth and eyes are wide and her tongue is sticking out.
Finally, the wire cuts into her neck and ***** starts to ooze out, mixing with her sweat and running between her breasts.
She slows and slows and finally, her head slumps forward--a trickle of ***** drips out of her mouth. Her bladder releasing and hot piss pours off the chair and soaks the carpet, staining it yellow. He removes the garrote, unties her, then lifts her up. He briefly dances with her, letting her sweat and ***** soak into his shirt. he lays her on the table and repeats what he did earlier. He sucks her now sweaty, salty breasts and goes back down and licks her pussy. Then, he fucks his dead secretary until he cums way up inside her. He brings in a plastic tarp and lays her on it. Then he drags her out of the room.

Runtime : 30min 24s
File Size : 925 MB
Resolution : 720x480

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