Peachy Keen Films-Uncomfortable Mystery 5

Peachy Keen Films-Uncomfortable Mystery 5

Runtime : 24min 42s
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Jessi is on the phone with her bf, who is also part of the mob. She just ended ingesting the cocaine pellets. She’s startled, but she’s prepped to do the drug run. She lays down on the bed, her soles are fidgety. She gets up to leave her room, but all of a sudden she is rushed by a unusual intruder.

Some time afterward, Jessi is found dead, sprawled on her room floor. A CSI squad arrives to probe the vignette. They investigate her assets scrupulously, picking up her limbs, spinning her over, checking her gams and soles. Looks like the serial sumptuous has affected again. They hoist the bod into a bodybag and she is taken to the morgue.

Once in the morgue, the squad liquidates Jessi’s bod from the bag on the check-up table. They unwrap her bod, setting aside her apparel for evidence. Then they commence to perform normal post-mortem procedures. They budge her from the slab to a gurney, where she is toe-tagged and coated with a green sheet and wheeled down to radiology.

Something was found in radiology that is peculiar for the typical patterns of the serial uber-sexy. The Lead CSI is hopeful that they’ll find more in the autopsy, but the Secretary seems suspisciously worried by this. They proceed the procedures, exposing the bod downright, dusting her soles and taking toe prints. They explore the vaginal realm, spin her over, probe her butt.

They frost the figure again, and the Lead CSI leaves the apartment. The Secretary takes this chance to make a phone call… to one of the mob handlers. He tells him that the autopsy is going to be performed in the morning so they nicer hurry up and do something about the assets or there will be consequences.

The handler comes in the morgue, looks at the toe tag on Jessi’s sole. They preparation the gurney and place her on it, wheeling her out of the morgue. The handler picks up Jessi’s bod and carries her down the hall, away from information that could spell grief for the mob.
Category: Snuff Fantasy
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