Peachy Keen Films-Rental Agreement

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Peachy Keen Films-Rental Agreement

Starring: Elise Graves. A pretty young woman looking for a new apartment happens on a little place that just might fit her no-budget needs. The apartment manager seems open to her flirtations and before the tour is finished, they are on each other in hot throes of passion. While regaining her composure she notices another woman's undergarment on the dresser and asks a harmless question..."Have you done this before?" Wrong question, apparently, as the apartment manager turns extremely violent and starts throttling the poor girl with his bare hands. Both covered in sweat, entwined in a ferocious struggle, they battle to be the winner. She manages to get her legs curled up and pummels him in his chest and face, but she does not last long as he squeezes the life out of her. Through most of it, her face is beet read and her eyes are bloodshot -- showcasing her extreme lack of air. Finally, she succumbs -- still, lifeless, eyes half open, staring at nothing at all. He quickly rips her panties off then leaves her for someone else to find. Another body discovered in a dingy apartment complex, killed by some druggy.
Peachy Keen Films-Rental Agreement
Peachy Keen Films-Rental Agreement
Peachy Keen Films-Rental Agreement

Runtime : 20min 19s
File Size : 680 MB
Resolution : 640x480

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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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