Peachy Keen Films-Sad Shooting

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Peachy Keen Films-Sad Shooting

Starring Logan. Kari and Joseph dated on and off when they were in high-school. But, now she was moving up the ladder at the legal office she worked for. Soon, she might make partner and the case she was working on was key. But Joseph, who happened to be interning at the same office, was making things difficult. He still has strong feelings for her. But, before they could work anything out, a man burst into the office and shoots Joseph, then points the gun at her, demanding a file from one of the cases. Scared, she quickly hands it to him. Then, he shoots her. She is shocked. The bullet pierced her above her right breast. She looked at him, wanted to tell him no---then, he shoots her two more times....this time in the belly and a final shot just above her heart.
He left.
As she slumped back in the chair, dying, Joseph, only injured, holds her hand, trying to comfort her. He could see it in her eyes. She was going fast and he wanted to be there for her. Just then, her body tensed up, spasmed, then slowly relaxed. She was staring at him, be he knew she was dead. Then, he cleared off her desk and laid her on top. Maybe there was still time. He ripped her blouse open, and started chest compressions. He knew what he was doing, he took the classes his senior year. No response. He blew into her mouth, her tummy rose with the air, then settled. He did more compressions, them more blowing....breath, baby, breath....come back.
Nothing. He cut off her bra and tried some more, but she just was not coming back. She was dead. And, then, as if that did not matter, as if, this was the last time they would be together, he started touching her, sexually, lovingly. He caressed her breasts, then finished pulling off her shoes, panties and skirt. He parted her legs, felt her warmth, touched it intimately, then, used his tongue, tasting her for the last time. After a while, he knew he had to have her. He parted her legs, slipped inside her, and made love to her. When he was nearly finished, he walked around to her staring up at him and released his load all over her face and chest. Then, he realized he should leave and gave her one last kiss and was gone.
Peachy Keen Films-Sad Shooting

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