Peachy Keen Films-Crazy Family

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Peachy Keen Films-Crazy Family

Starring Lexxi and Mikki. Directed By JohnM. Mikki had a new friend. Friends were important in the escort business. They provide companionship and most importantly protection. When you work with another girl, there is less of a chance for things to go wrong. They can stay in control and make the dough. Lexxi was a kind, shy girl. Mikki did not know why she wanted to do this, nor did she particularly care. She had a friend and that's what mattered. With the new ad running, they waited for a call.
They did not have to wait long. The gig sounded simple. A father and two sons, a coming-of-age gig. She knew the deal and this would be a perfect way to break in Lexxi--nervous Lexxi. They both got ready and left. The interior of the family trailer was pretty nice, for a trailer. As they walked in, there were three men. The older man, the father, introduced himself and his two boys. Well, they certainly weren't boys--obviously in their twenties and Mikki and Lexxi both noted--quite attractive. This would be such an easy gig.
After she got her money from the Father, she got to work. Mikki set her eyes on the older brother, Max, and went right to work, rubbing and grinding all over him. Lexxi, shy Lexxi, was beckoned by Ryan--younger brother. She sat next to him, putting one of her long, slender legs up over his. They watched Max and Mikki go at it. It was not long before Mikki had his cock out and was sucking it down like a popsicle. Father just watched. Both Lexxi and Mikki noticed this....he seemed a little off and he did not even seem like he was "into" them. What was his deal. They would find out. As Father watched, he noticed an inequity in the activities. He kept coaxing Lexxi to engage more with Ryan. After a while, she finally gave in, unzipping Ryan's pants and sucking down on his cock--gulping it down. Father was pleased--both his sons were having fun. What more could he ask for. They would...find out. Now, Mikki was up on Max, fucking him hard and Lexxi, falling behind, finished her work on Ryan's cock and then slipped it inside her tight warm pussy. The both fucked the brothers them the best show and the best time and both reaching climaxes.
When it was over, Father looked pleased. It was time to move this party on and he let his sons know this. Now it was time for the girls to...find out!!! Max punched Mikki in the face--she went down hard on the carpet, out cold. Lexxi started to panic and Father had a gun to her face, forcing her to the floor. It was time to get the real party--Fathers Party started. Mikki was unconscious and cuffed to an exercise bike seat. Lexxi was in the killing position on the floor and Ryan was behind her with Father coaxing. Lexxi begged for her life, but it was way too late for that. Ryan pulled hard, the thin leather garrote digging into her flesh. She was freaking out--air cut off, her body bucked and legs kicks. She was fighting for her life. Ryan was holding her tight with Fathers help, he got her in a secure position and could concentrate on keeping the garrote dug into her neck flesh. Father went over to Mikki and woke her up. She had duct tape across her mouth, but still tried to scream as she saw the friend she was supposed to protect being murder in front of her. Mikki freaked out, spasing and shaking as she watched her friend. Lexxi continued to struggle--mouth and eyes open, tongue lashing out for air. Her hips bucked up and down, her feet digging into the carpet. The Father and Max continued to torment Mikki as she watched. At one point, Max shoved the top of his loaded gun up her pussy. Lexxi weakened and soon she was still. Ryan had murdered the young woman. She was dead, still, nothing. He crawled out from behind her and went over to watch the real show---Father killing Mikki.
And this was what Father was waiting for, his turn--the reason for the whole evening. He took the garrote just used to kill her friend and wrapped it around her neck. Mikki bucked and spasmed against the seat. Her arms were behind her, hands cuffed. Ryan kept gabbing her crotch and lifting her back up every time she slid down.
The garrote was so tight, Mikki's face was red. Her tongue came out after they ripped off the duct tape. She squirmed and fought as best she could. As she weakened, Max let go of her legs and she spread and spasmed them. She had fought long and hard, but now she was almost gone, her body twitching, her face staring outward at nothing. Father and sons watched as the life slowly left her. She was dead. They moved her body back to the living room and Father told them to fuck the bodies. So, they did--they always did what Father asked. Ryan fucked Lexxi's corpse, first fucking her mouth, then doing her doggie on the couch and finally flipping her over and doing her normal. He slammed her hard, watched her tits jiggle, then shot his load all over them. Father then told him to go out back to get the tarps and shovel.
Max kept at it, fucking Mikki's body until he came all over her chest and tits. Then, he went out to help his brother. Father moved Lexxi--laying her by Mikki, then he went out to get the truck ready.
Peachy Keen Films-Crazy Family
Peachy Keen Films-Crazy Family
Peachy Keen Films-Crazy Family

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