Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2

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Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2

Starring Brandy, Alexander. Lena was a Russian spy, deep undercover living in the US masquerading as a fashion magazine owner and icon. Today, she was rendezvousing with her partner, a young agent she has been training for the last couple years. There relationship has become deeply personal. They meet at the predetermined locations. They embrace. They fuck--passionately. Toward the end, she is in control, making him lick her dirty shoes and toes. It's a power thing for her. Afterward, he give her a present, a new dress and shoes. She strips and puts them on. He helps her with the shoes. Then, he asks her for the chip, wanting it so that he can presenting to the chief and help further his career. She shows it to him, but will not let him have it--to dangerous, and tucks it back into her locket. He then runs off to use the bathroom before they leave. When he is out of site, she revealed she has the real chip hidden in her hair, and carefully tucks it into her shoe.
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2
Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Her Corpse 2

Runtime : 39min 25s
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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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