Peachy Keen Films-Baggage

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Peachy Keen Films-Baggage

Starring Nikki. The plan was simple. It was always simple. Last time, I was the cable guy and killed some bitch housewife in the burbs. This time, I was from the airport--delivering baggage to some chick. This plan was even better because I was actually expected and I even had her fucking luggage. The guy who was really suppose to bring it--well, he's fucked. So, I get there, I knew she was a chick cause I already riffled through all the bags the dude had in his truck until I found one--on like this one. The clothes smelled sweet and young. Pink vibrator---I knew it was some sweet chick with a nice tight pussy.
So, she opens the door. I was right. Cute girl--super cute. I was going to have so much fun fucking her. We did the pleasantries. I got her ID, she walked to the couch and that was when I pounced, tossing her like nothing the smacking her. She fell to the floor, knocking her head. She was out. Easy as pie.
I tied her hands behind her, then put clear packing tape over her mouth. I stripped her top off the set her back on the couch. I tormented her with my blade for a bit. I loved the scared look in her pretty doe-eyes. I was already hard. Soon, we were in front of a mirror so she could watch herself as I ran my blade on her soft, perfect young skin. I cut her bra off...her titties were nice--perky. I made her suck my cock. I was ready to explode then, but held on while the scared little bitch did her best to give me head.
I had to have her. First, I bent her over the desk and ficked her from behind. Then, I flipped her and fucked her so she could see me. Man, she was tight--TIGHT!!! So, after a bit of that, I fucked her over on a chair, she rode my cock, it was great. Then, over on the couch, I went on her missionary style. Later, I had her hogtied on the floor. I was admiring her, and my rope work. I knew it was tight and she was really uncomfortable. I took out an old polaroid and snapped a shot. Showed it to her--instand developing---cool shit. She was freaked. I snapped a shot on my phone....maybe put it on the net someday. No one would ever know. But, alas, all fun things must come to an end and I had other bitches to find and kill. So, I wrapped a rope around her neck and pulled. I pulled tight and she struggled, her body contorted, her toes wiggling. Her eyes here wide, her mouth taped over with clear tape, foam in her mouth. Wow, this bitch was lasting a long time. She was fun to watch.
But eventually, she slowed down and finally was still. I pushed her over to get a look at the eyes. Man, I loved the eyes and hes were great. Just staring, sad, and so, so gone. I grabbed my stuff and left.
Peachy Keen Films-Baggage
Peachy Keen Films-Baggage
Peachy Keen Films-Baggage

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