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Brutal PickUps-Valerie White Brutal Pick-Ups Purse Snatched

Valerie White may be a cute, little blonde teen with a banging body that most guys would find hard to resist, but Bruno has no problem telling her to come back tomorrow? when she shows up at the club after hours to retrieve her purse. Valerie explains that she needs the purse to get home, but Bruno just wants to lock up.
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Brutal PickUps-Sabrina Banks Brutal Pick-Ups Rooftop Ravishing

Who would ever think that a cash machine would be a good place to meet potential submissive sex slaves? Well, in Bruno's world, anywhere is a good place to meet extreme teen sex sluts to break down with rough sex and humiliate. Sabrina is a verrrrry cute brunette babe with a super nice body, and she is broke, scared and desperate to get home.
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Brutal PickUps-Lilly Sapphire Dirty Hippie Chick Loves Stiff Dick

Unless you're from the sixties and dig that earth milf, hairy armpit and even hairier pussy thing, most hippie chicks are pretty disgusting. Not Lilly Sapphire though. She's a hardcore hippie from the flowers in her hair to the Birkenstocks on her feet, and she looks great, has a hot, curvy body, and the modern sensibility to groom her pink and plump sex parts.
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Brutal PickUps-Joseline Kelly Brutal Pick-Ups Four-Eyed Fuck Slut

Guys do make passes at girls who wear glasses and cute, tiny, extreme teen sex slut Joseline Kelly totally proves that. She may look smart, but she didn't get to the parking lot in time to get her car before it's locked for the night by Bruno. Joseline begs for her car, but Bruno tells her that her keys are locked in the valet's office.
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Brutal PickUps-JoJo Kiss Brutal Pick-Ups Money Grubbing Whore

Smokey-eyed honey, JoJo Kiss is broke and alone and wandering the mean streets of a shitty ghetto desperate to get back to safety. Anything could happen out here, and none of it is good. Asking the wrong person for assistance could be fatal, but she has no choice. She spots Bruno smoking a cigarette on the street and begs for help. He listens to her, but isn't friendly? at all!
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Brutal PickUps-Holly Hendrix Brutal Pick-Ups Spanked Spinner

Fresh teen pussy like the one Holly Hendrix is sitting on, is one of the best things in life, and this sweet 18-year-old peach from Savannah, Georgia already has a big appetite for crazy, wild, kinky hardcore sex. All of 4, 9, and 89 pounds, Holly is a classic spinner that our lucky man J.B. is gonna? fuck hard and roughly in a scary, dark alley while she?s tied with rope to a drainpipe.
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Brutal PickUps-Goldie Brutal Pick-Ups Desperation Swallow

Poor Goldie. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time, we find our favorite sex slave looking hotter than ever and wandering around the dark streets of a bad neighborhood, lost and crying. It just so happens, Bruno is hanging out in a nearby alley. Goldie begs him for help, but Bruno repeatedly tells the desperate slut that he can't help her, and that he is NOT a nice guy.
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Brutal PickUps-Gina Valentina Brutal Pick-Ups Tatted and Splattered

Petite, tattooed, and very pretty, Gina Valentina is the kind of girl that actually means it when she says she'll do anything in exchange for Bruno's help. Even if she doesn't really mean it, Bruno doesn't care. He's going to do whatever he wants to her anyway, because he's the master. Gina's desperate, so Bruno decides to humiliate her with a rough public sex session.
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Brutal PickUps-Cristi Ann Alley Cat Cunt

Cristi Ann may be a little too cute and sweet for the sexual brutalization she's going to receive at the hands of Master Bruno in a dirty back alley under the highway. It's one thing to be ravaged in the privacy of one's own home, but it's quite another to have it done publicly outdoors in front of anyone passing by.
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Brutal PickUps-Ashley Adams Brutal Pick-Ups Corkscrew Cunt

Left behind at a house party in a bad neighborhood, lovely young Ashley Adams is scared for her life. Good thing she finds Bruno lurking in an alley, or is it? Ash tells Master Bruno how scared and desperate she is, but does it work? Well, it depends on which end of the cock she finds herself. Bruno asserts his dominance by spitting in her face and roughly groping her tits and pussy.
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