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RoboMeats-The Last Torture

  • 17 December 2017
  • snuff videos RoboMeats-The Last Torture
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    Robomeats-Librarian Babe

  • 8 August 2016
  • Robomeats-Librarian Babe

    Librarian Babe STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock. No one has any respect for the library anymore! Brooke assembles some carelessly laid books back onto a shelf as Rock, a lover of many things besides books, eyes her tight ass through her conservative skirt. He reaches around her and props a few books onto a higher shelf.
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    Robomeats-That Cable Company

  • 8 August 2016
  • Robomeats-That Cable Company

    That Cable Company STARRING: Rachel James and Rock. The cable guy has come to inspect Rachel's cable box. Nothing is working, it doesn't even seem to want to turn on. The cable guy gets to work right away, and he begins hitting on her right away, finding out that she is a stripper.
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    Robomeats-The House Rules

  • 8 August 2016
  • Robomeats-The House Rules

    The House Rules STARRING: Zoey Laine, Wyatt, and Miles. Zoey has arrived at an apartment wishing to rent it, asking the owners Wyatt and Miles about price and utilities. She is a little hesitant as the apartment is small and all three of them will be living there. She's a waitress and works late, so she wants to find a good place to live. Miles' dog Tanker is really in charge of the apartment and everyone must take care of him. Sex happens where it happens, clothing is always optional.
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    Robomeats-The Secret Invention

    The Secret Invention STARRING: Zoey Laine and Javier. Zoey has invited Professor Javier to her apartment in order to extract information about his secret invention that could possibly rule the world. He knocks on her door, rose in hand. He awkwardly sits down on the couch as she begins flirting with him, complementing him hard and making him week in the knees.
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    Robomeats-You are Hired

  • 2 August 2016
  • Robomeats-You are Hired

    You are Hired Starring Roxy Rox, Rock and Alexander. Directed by Alex Dorian. Roxy is going to an interview at a big firm for a receptionist job, her interviewers are Rock and Alexander, who ask all the usual questions, and she gives all the right answers. Rock points out how pretty she is, and asks her how she feels about fraternization, she explains that it won't be a problem as she is entirely professional, but Rock doesn't buy it and taps his timestop watch which causes her to freeze.
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    Robomeats-Timestopped Those Posh Bitches

    Timestopped Those Posh Bitches Starring Allie James, Willow, Rock, Lucky and Alexander. Directed by Alex Dorian. Allie and Willow are spoiled little brats, they are at home relaxing, complaining about how loud the grounds keepers are being when they come in telling the girls that they will be taking a lunch break and ask the girls to get them something to drink
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    Robomeats-Timestopped My Sister is Girlfriend

    Timestopped My Sister is Girlfriend Starring Tiffany Fox and Rock. Directed by Alex Dorian. Rock has come home for a break from college, and his sister was supposed to pick him up at the airport, but she never showed, so he took a bus to her house and see's someone laying in her bed, thinking it is his sister, he kicks the bed and starts to tell her off, but is surprised when a stranger pokes her head out from under the covers.
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    Robomeats-The Holy Spirit Timestop

    The Holy Spirit Timestop Starring Alexandria and David. Directed by Alex Dorian. Alexandria is a maid, and she is cleaning up at the house she works at while the owner is at work. David, a Jehovah's Witness, knocks at the back door, and Alexandria lets him in so he can wait to talk to the owner and continues her cleaning.
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    Robomeats-Space Ranger Timestop

    Space Ranger Timestop Starring Alexandra and David. Directed by Alex Dorian. Intergalactic Space Ranger Alexandra is on the hunt for the nefarious space crime lord David. She finds him at a ship refueling station and chases him into a storage room where he hides.
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