PKF Studios-Forest of Doom

  • 24 July 2017
  • PKF Studios-Forest of Doom snuff videosPKF Studios-Forest of Doom snuff videos
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    Psycho Thrillers House Sitting Nightmare Part 2 forced blowjobPsycho Thrillers House Sitting Nightmare Part 2 forced blowjob
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    Psycho Thrillers-Halloween-Penetrating Force forced sexPsycho Thrillers-Halloween-Penetrating Force forced sex

    A lady, while washing dishes in her kitchen, notices an intruder got past her security gate and is standing outside her kitchen window but when she looks outside the window, he is gone. She opens the door to probe a noise and is confronted by the hooded cool who compels his way in. Frightened, she grips a kitchen knife but does lil' with it as he takes hold of her by the jaws and hoists her off her soles, smothering her and kneeing her gullet until she is dead. He then carries her bod over to a counter, and smashes her in a few postures before leaving her for her spouse to find.
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    Psycho Thrillers-Halloween-Closure forced blowjobPsycho Thrillers-Halloween-Closure forced blowjob

    A youthfull platinum-blonde doll joins a lengthy cable of Myers marionettes that seems to never end. After closing the diminutive sports lounge, the door is spilled open and Michael confronts her. Incapable to reach her keys or the door she attempts to go thru the side door but it is locked. He is only a few steps away when she all of a sudden notices he isn’t there.
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    Psycho Thrillers-Torture Rape And Strangle Of Jennifer White forced sexPsycho Thrillers-Torture Rape And Strangle Of Jennifer White forced sex
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    snuff videos Choke Chamber-Dany eliminatedsnuff videos Choke Chamber-Dany eliminated

    After Dany, the handsome assistant of a mighty drug lord robs her chief of nearly half a million in cash, she attempts to make a run for it, by leaving town. Unluckily for the thieving vixen, she gets caught before her planned escape. A hammer fellow is hired to take the exotic sweetie out. The assassin comes in her home, interrogates her with a gun, and ultimately shoots her with a silencer. After a short cat and mouse pursue, a bullet hammers her in the back.
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    snuff videos Choke Chamber-Danger zone-The Chip Killersnuff videos Choke Chamber-Danger zone-The Chip Killer

    Playboy’s Victoria M, portrays a spectacular, elaborate CEO of a company on the brim of unleashing a technological contraption that will revolutionize the telecommunication industry. Having such a top secret, and potentially game switching invention, they have many interested soirees, antsy to get their palms on the reward. Victoria graces this flick in a brief, gorgeous dark-hued sundress, and accentuates her lengthy gams with tempting high heel pumps.
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    Choke Chamber-Daddy dearest

  • 27 July 2017
  • snuff videos Choke Chamber-Daddy dearestsnuff videos Choke Chamber-Daddy dearest

    After blatantly disrespecting her Stepfather, Dany gets the discipline of a lifetime. What seems to be an obsessed prank caller turns out to be a provoker far worse than she could imagine. With the acute kitchen knife, a hooded intruder comes in her home and knocks her out. She awakens unclothed and corded. The hooded villain teases and taunts the scared suntanned vixen with the blade, and fumbles her assets with it.
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    Choke Chamber-Crooked

  • 27 July 2017
  • Choke Chamber-Crooked shooting videosChoke Chamber-Crooked shooting videos

    When 2 cops come in a drug drizzle, one unveils that his colleague is a contorted cop. The gorgeous, platinum-blonde, contorted agent barges into a major coca-cola dealer’s home and instantaneously takes out the inhabitants. Her counterpart is baffled. Once the masculine cop realizes his counterpart has no intention of calling for backup, he determines to take the law into his own mitts.
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    Choke Chamber-Cop killer

  • 25 July 2017
  • snuff videos Choke Chamber-Cop killersnuff videos Choke Chamber-Cop killer

    Filmed thru the point of sight of an angry, disgruntled, ex-husband. When the prior husband of a intensity greedy, hellion of a cop gets ticketed and sexually abused repeatedly, by his ex-wife he loses all manage. When confronted by his jaw-dropping, platinum-blonde police officer ex, he comes ready, and attacks her chloroform. She passes out in his palms, and is carried up to his home .
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