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2 February 2017
Incest porno Missax-Dear DiaryIncest porno Missax-Dear Diary
Missax-Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I dont know what I would do if I couldnt share my secret thoughts with you. I have been writing for months about my belief that my husband is cheating on me. Well, he left yesterday for a two-week business trip, and of course, he took his pretty young secretary along for the trip. I just know they are sleeping together. I love my husband, although Im less sure of that every day. Still, my greatest fear is that he will come home from work one day and tell me he wants a divorce.
But now thats not my only fear. If I dont tell you what happened last night, I think I may go mad. No one else can ever know. Im hoping that writing it all down will help me think more clearly and determine how to handle things so no one gets hurt.
My stepson has a construction job for the summer, and he is getting tanned and ripped, I might add (giggle). He could tell I was gloomy all day yesterday. He kept trying to console me, asking me several times what was bothering me, hugging me, trying to get me to smile by telling me goofy jokes. He is such a wonderful boy, or rather young man these days. I have to admit, those hugs elevated my pulse rate very quickly. I feel myself blushing just thinking about it.
Of course, I couldnt tell my son that I thought his father was cheating on me. So I thanked him for caring, said it was nothing serious, and put on my happy face. I really did feel better. After all, my handsome young stepson cared about me enough to hold me in his arms and express his concern. My cheating husband hasnt done anything like that for a long time.
Well, my happy face lasted until bedtime. I was actually feeling a little sexy by then, remembering the warm concern from my stepson that afternoon. So I put on my favorite nightie and crawled into bed. But the bed was so empty and lonely with my husband gone. I tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep, visions of my husband and his secretary/mistress working up a sweat in a bed of their own in a city far away. At some point, I became exhausted and drifted off to sleep. Thats when my troubles really started.
The dream was so vivid. Every image invades my thoughts even now. I try to block them out, but its useless. There I am, in my bed (mine and my husbands). But the man I am with in the dream is not my husband. God forbid, it is my stepson! And he is making love to me, slowly, tenderly, but gradually increasing in strength and urgency, with his hands, and oh my God, with his mouth.
He is caressing me with those strong, gentle hands. They are in my hair, and the look in his eyes tells me how much he enjoys the silkiness. Those eyes are making me melt. They overflow with concern and love and yes, with lust; definitely with lust. His eyes hold mine, not allowing me to look away as those beautiful hands wander over my body. It feels like small sparks of electricity crackle from my skin everywhere his fingers touch. I am squirming, desperate to speed the process, to quench the need he has built in me. I want to close my eyes to focus on the need, but I cannot. His eyes control mine somehow, and he will not release them.
He is smiling now. He senses my desperation. He knows, and he is enjoying this! I am flooded with humiliation, but it leaves as quickly as it comes. I search his eyes, and there is no evil intent in there anywhere. All I see is the love and concern that was there from the beginning. He cares for me. Everything he is doing is for me. Somehow he knows exactly what I need, and dear God he knows exactly how to deliver it. I can trust him, trust him completely. I feel a smile settle on my face and my body relax. I am ready to enjoy everything he is willing to give.
He holds my face in those magical hands and feasts on my open mouth with one hungry kiss after another; penetrating with his tongue; tasting, sucking on my tongue like he cant get enough. My tummy is heaving with passion as he suckles my earlobe, then slowly kisses his way down my neck to my breasts. He suckles gently there at first, and teases my nipples with the tip of his tongue until they are as hard as pebbles. The suckling becomes more urgent until I start to believe my nipples may come off in his mouth. He is everywhere on my appreciative body, kissing and suckling even my belly button.
He is moving lower now. He slowly removes my panties, so slowly that I squirm with a feeling of exposure. He is kissing my mound and lips of my pussy, running his tongue back and forth through my vaginal opening. Before long, he has me writhing in hunger, and he slides that cherished tongue inside my sopping pussy. His slurping embarrasses me briefly, but once again that feeling is quickly replaced by mind-numbing pleasure. He plunders me completely with his tongue, and I cant get enough of what he is making me feel.
His mouth is so voracious I want to scream with passion. I do scream, loud and long, as the most intense, satisfying orgasm of my life explodes inside me. Wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. My hips buck, and my thighs clench tightly around his face, as I try to increase the friction of his tongue on my clit.
After minutes of euphoric orgasm, I am spent, and so very happy. I want to dream like this every night. Gradually my eyes open, and to my sudden horror I see my beloved stepson kneeling between my splayed thighs. He is grinning from ear to ear like the cat that swallowed the canary, or more accurately, like the son that ate his Mommy!
When he sees my shock, he lays beside me and tells me everything is ok. I stare at him with my mouth open, unable to speak. He fills it with a tender French kiss, and then he talks to me. I can only listen, too stunned to reply. He tells me he saw me tossing and turning in bed, obviously caught up in a nightmare (my cheating husband and his bimbo secretary apparently). He tried to wake me gently by sitting beside me on the bed and caressing my cheek. I settled, but remained asleep. Touching me felt so good to him, and it seemed to be what I needed at the moment. He kept it up, monitoring my reaction. One thing led to another until my dream clearly came to a VERY happy ending.
At this last comment, I gasped in humiliation but still could think of no response. My beautiful stepson then proceeded to remove his pajamas and spread out beside me in bed. He said I should know there was nothing to be ashamed of. He had been attracted to me ever since I had started dating his father (oh my, six years ago, he would have been 12 then). What happened tonight was a dream come true (no pun intended) for him, and it was obviously something I really needed too. (How could I argue?) And he didnt think we should stop there (What!?).
I felt my eyes get very wide as he knelt again between my thighs and placed the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance. This time, instead of shock, I felt a warm calm and a strong sense of confidence wrap itself around me. Continuing to look into those inspiring, young eyes, I reached for him. I took hold of his tight, firm buttocks and smiled at him. I pulled him forward, and didnt try to suppress the groan of lust as I felt his manhood slide into me.
We made real love then, the kind of sex shared by two people in love. We both came this time (twice for me actually) before he shot several ropes of his sperm into me. Im on the pill, so no worries there. When it was over, I couldnt bring myself to shower. I wanted to feel his seed inside me for this one night. It warmed my tunnel and felt like love. My stepson and I still need to talk. This can never happen again. Or can it? I need him to help me decide. I need to have a talk with his father too. Not about last night, never about that! But I will confront him with his infidelity. Will I leave him? If I do, will I lose my stepson in the process? So many questions.
But not tonight. Tonight I will sleep a cozy, restful sleep in the arms of my caring, loving son.

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