Missax-Teacher Gets Her Berry Popped

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Incest porno Missax-Teacher Gets Her Berry PoppedIncest porno Missax-Teacher Gets Her Berry Popped
Missax-Teacher Gets Her Berry Popped

Ms. Monroe has asked her naughty student to stay after yet again after another stunt he pulled in the classroom. She rolls her eyes at the inconvenience he causes her, but has warmed up to the sweeter side of him, he always gives her small gifts after class. "I hope you don't think that these gifts will buy your way to a passing grade, do you?" Violet continues to tell him a little too much of her personal thoughts about how good looking he is, and she blushes when she realizes her error. She sees his hard on and can't believe that such a young man would be so excited for her, a conservative teacher, especially since she always punishes him for his hijinks.

She takes a bite of the blueberry gift and feels so much hornier, out of control, she begins to take off her clothes and purr to him that she wants him. She talks dirty to him and the boy takes advantage of the invite, of course, he knows his love potion is working. He doesn't realize that it is making her expand. He feels her pussy ooze juices down his shaft as he pounds her deep. He cums inside of her and she sighs heavily in exhaustion from the intense orgasm. Juices flow out of her and she reaches her hand down to look. Her pussy juices are BLUE, and they smell like blueberries! She looks at it in horror as the boy watches with great interest. Her body becomes blue, starting from her throbbing pussy, covering upwards over her perfect breasts. Her breasts begin to fill as her buttons *pop, pop, pop!* The blue creeps over her face, and down to her toes as her body continues to expand. Her jacket is holding on by a thread of her button and that pops off too! Her body is blue, expanding, bigger, bigger, she is so scared and looks to her student with pleading eyes.

She expands until she turns round, plump like a ball, and her body pushes into the corner of the desk. He wonders if it will pop her, but no.. she's getting taller, she looks up, "I'm going to grow right out of this room!" He moves away and grabs a pair of scissors from his backpack. Violet's blue eyes light up in fear. "No! Young man, put the scissors down," she pleads. He sees her continue to expand, her skin getting so thin, is she going to explode without his help? He might as well put her out of her expansion nightmare, it's only kind, right? Watch and see if he pops Ms. Monroe or lets her grow into oblivion!

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