Missax-Violet No Regard

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Incest porno Missax-Violet No RegardIncest porno Missax-Violet No Regard
Missax-Violet No Regard

Violet Monroe is a rich, spoiled girl who has an overprotective father who keeps her home. She's getting to that age where she is learning how to orgasm, and she's been obsessed with making her body orgasm in different ways, she looks up the most expensive, exclusive, vibrator ever: "The Magic Orgasmic Model 500."

She ordered it yesterday and it didn't arrive at her doorstep this morning when Daddy left for work, she calls the manufacturer, "Uhmm, do you know who I am?! I ordered the express delivery and.." the manufacturer interrupts to tell her there have been some production problems, there will be a delay. Bratty Violet rolls her eyes, "listen, I don't cared one iota about your production problems, get it to me or you'll be sorry." She continues to threaten him with his job if her prominent Daddy looks into the matter, and then she hears the door bell ring! Violet's eyes light up, "Oooh!"

She runs downstairs but doesn't see the post man, but there is a package, it looks hand delivered, she smirks, "I always get my way." She quickly opens it, peeks out the curtain to make sure she is alone and turns it on. It softly buzzes in her hands, and it glows ultra-violet, she hikes up her skirt, pulls down her pantyhose, and touches her pussy with it. She feels tremendous pleasure, she rubs it back and forth as her whole body reacts to the phenomenal orgasmic device, her pussy salivates as it welcomes the thick blue toy inside of her.

She begins to pump it in and out, her eyes roll in the back of her head, she falls to her knees. She props the toy on the rug as she rides it. She rides it vigorously until she orgasms so hard it almost makes her lights go out. She tries to compose herself as warm, viscous liquid seeps from deep inside of her. Her clothing begins to tighten as her breasts expand, her ass expands, she touches her juice and inspects it. It's blue! She is leaking blue juice that smells of blueberries! Her veins bulge as blue juice courses through them, she continues to expand as her skin turns blue. The more she is filled with juice the deeper violet she becomes, the color creeps from her pussy to her face, from her toes to her fingertips, she expands even more and a button flies off her blouse! She looks down and sees her expanding body in horror!

"I guess this is what happens when you masturbate too much," she whimpers. She grows and remembers her phone is in the upstairs bedroom, she needs help! She grows taller and heavier, she tries to lift her legs to make the way up the stairs, but all she can do is waddle. "Will I explode? Oh no... Oh, God.. I'm going to explode." Her controlling father warned her about the sins of masturbating, "you'll turn into a blueberry," he said. She can't let him see her like this, and she tries with her might to fit through the hallway, and up the narrow staircase, she gets stuck. Her father comes home. "Hi Daddy," she whimpers in humiliation.

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