Missax-Were Futa part III

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Incest porno Missax-Were Futa part IIIIncest porno Missax-Were Futa part III
Missax-Were Futa part III

It's Friday and Lana and Jessica are at their apartment making dinner. Lana couldn't wait to go home and slip into her party dress, there's reason to celebrate, Lana got the promotion! Jessica listens to her friend's gushing about how surprised she was to get the promotion. Women rarely get promoted, and they were both expecting Kissass Kapowski to get the crew leader position. Jessica tries to focus on her friend, but she isn't feeling well, she tries to politely laugh at Lana's joke about demoting their colleague to the basement office.

Jessica realizes it's a full moon, and remembers the terrible dream she had last month. She looks at the bandage on her inner wrist and wonders if that dream was reality. "Are you even listening, Jessie?" Lana chop, chop, chops the vegetables as Jessica pours a glass of wine. Lana slices her finger, she winces. Jessica looks at Lana's eyes, she's hungry, the room is silent, she can hear the bl.oo.d coursing through Lana's veins. She leans in slowly, closer, closer, and Lana is too focused on her damaged finger to notice. "It's no big deal, a small cut," Lana tells herself. Jessica can smell the sandalwood and vanilla of Lana's perfume, her sweat, the copper in her b.lo.od, and she must taste. Jessica's mouth inches closer and closer, as if the droplet had it's own gravitational pull that she was helpless to resist. Jessica's perfect lips part, her tongue meets the red and she wraps her lips around Lana's finger. Lana pulls her hand away from Jessica's mouth in disgust, "what the fuck, Jessie?"

Jessica came back to reality, she looks in shame at Lana's face, she feels shocked and sorry for what she had done. Jessica racks her brain for an excuse for what she did but Lana interrupts her, "you've got a sick sense of humor, babe." Lana scoffs, shakes her head and leaves Jessica in the kitchen.

Lana is sulking in their bedroom when Jessie comes in sheepishly. "Listen, Lana.. I'm stoked you got the promotion, and I want to celebrate. Why don't we go out, drinks on me?" Lana smiles and Jessica knows she is forgiven. "Ok," Lana answers, "O-Riley's is having a drink special at 1AM.. we've got time to take a little nap first." Jessie agrees, both girls worked the morning shift, they lay down to sleep, Lana pulls the string of the light to turn off the lamp.

The time passes, the moon rises high, and when the moon is high enough to light up the land so the demons can play, it triggers the transformation in Jessica. Jessica begins to sweat, Lana follows in the lower bunk, sweat dripping down their breasts, they breathe heavy and in sync. Lana stretches her hand, she's feeling the dark dream for the first time, she sees her maker, Jessica, naked and welcoming her. Jessica dreams of her maker, the man in black who turned her last month. Jessica's nipples turn erect dreaming about the passionate sex she had with this strange man as he feasted on her wrist, then her neck. Lana's stretches her mouth open as she feels Jessica's saliva course through her veins like venom, triggering more changes within her. Lana's fangs begin to grow. Jessica's blue eyes gasp open, and the color drains into white. Lana's warm brown eyes turn into fiery orange, as she listens to Jessica rip the rest of the tattered shreds of clothing off her soaking wet body... watch the story unfold..

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