Missax-Weresex part II Purr

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Incest porno Missax-Weresex part II PurrIncest porno Missax-Weresex part II Purr
Missax-Weresex part II Purr

Brianne and her boyfriend are out for an evening walk in the park, "it's a full moon, we won't get lost if we go off the path," she playfully tells her boyfriend. They were walking deep in the forrest when they saw the beast. They ran home, the best nipping and clawing at their feet, the beast followed them inside of the home when they ran into an upstairs room and slammed the door shut.

Brianne's boyfriend slammed the door shut on the beast, and they both listened to it growl in frustration, ripping at the door with it's claws. Brianne huffed in fear, "can you keep the door shut?" Just then the clock motioned to midnight and it sulked away, they listened to the claws on the hardwood floor as the beast walked down the hall, and disappeared. The boyfriend managed to lock the door and the couple sat on the sofa, "did it get you," Brianne asks in concern. The boyfriend was fine, but noticed Brianne's scratched skin! "We need to get you to a hospital," he tells her. "No, we're not leaving this room until daylight."

She begins to feel dizzy, her hand trembles, he holds her shaking hands. She wets the sweat from her brow and breathes heavy, "I... don't....feel so...good." She closes her eyes and her eyelids flutter, when she opens them her signature blue eyes turn into glowing amber. She looks at him, the boyfriend's eyes grow wide with concern. She begins to feel so hot, so unbearable that she rips her clothes off, she whimpers and clutches her body. "Please help me," she says. Her body goes limp, and then she feels a rush come over her, she looks up at her boyfriend, her facial bones throb, her teeth grow, her eyes glisten at him. He decides to take his chances with whatever is outside the door, and he runs for it!

Brianne grabs his foot and he falls to the floor. He's terrified and frozen with a mix of fear, excitement, and curiosity. She dominantly crawls over him and takes his cock out. Her nails grow, hair grows from her cuticles, hair grows down her sternum, and he is terrified and aroused. She begins to suck and nibble him. Her ears grow into sharp points, and she feels warm nectar trickle down her vaginal walls, her pussy is slippery, aching to be penetrated. She grabs him and begins to ride him. She uses his cock in a way so unlike her former demure way, she rides him, she purrs as she takes every inch, and then growls in frustration, she wants to cum. She rides him, up and down, taking in every bit of his 8 inch cock, her body still transforming, when he cums inside of her, she cums. He feels her juices penetrating through his cock. He begins to transform.

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