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Incest porno Missax-WeresexIncest porno Missax-Weresex

Sasha is in her bedroom when Johnny open the window and stumbles in, "Shh! They're gonna hear you." Johnny tempts her to take some pills that will increase the female orgasm, "weregasm." She is hesitant, but wants to please her eager boyfriend. The pills look to be radioactive, they glow in his hand. She recoils, he teases her, "guess I'll take my magic pills and my magic tongue back home." She giggles, "stop it, don't be mean."

He kisses her, she undresses him. She sucks his cock and his head falls back with pleasure, she feels her breathing start to change. The pills must be working. She breathes deeply in and out as she moves his strong erection into her tiny pussy. She pumps it in and out, he stares at him with her gorgeous blue eyes.

He looks at the ceiling, he's had sex just a couple of times and knows that if he looks at her horny face, he'll cum too fast. She rides him. Her eyes transform into the wolf's. She pumps a little faster, her hair grows on her face, down her sternum. She feels her gums swell as her lower fangs grow long, and her upper fangs turn razor sharp. Her lungs can take in more air, lowering her soft feminine voice, her pussy is wet, throbbing around his cock, squeezing his cock up and down. The boy focuses to keep his erection strong. He looks up at her, he's in shock, his eyes widen, she puts her hand around throat to keep him still. She cums and her orgasm triggers the boy to change. His cock grows into the wolf's, his body transforms. He growls at her, she's satisfied, the night is theirs.

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