Missax-Wonder Girl Gets Futa Fucked

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Incest porno Missax-Wonder Girl Gets Futa FuckedIncest porno Missax-Wonder Girl Gets Futa Fucked
Missax-Wonder Girl Gets Futa Fucked

Introducing Rae in her first ever video performance!

Wonder Girl has finally been captured by the evil FBI Agent, Rae. Rae has slipped a little something in her drink and she's so out of it she doesn't even know she's been detained into Rae's secluded office. Wonder Girl finds that her limbs feel so heavy, her eyes are blurry, her mouth gagged, and her hands are tied behind her back. She looks up and sees a blurry image of her enemy. Rae walks around Wondergirl's chair while Wondergirl's eyes roll in the back of her head. Agent Rae grabs Wonder Girl by the hair, "Did you think you could run from me forever," she purrs.

Wonder Girl's head is cranked back staring into Rae's eyes. Wonder Girl tries to move her legs, her arms, whatever poison she has consumed is suppressing her super powers. FBI Agent Rae giggles as she pulls Wonder Girl's leotard down exposing her breasts. Wonder Girl is humiliated and looks away. Rae moves Wonder Girl's leotard to the side and thrusts her fingers into Wonder Girl's pussy. Agent Rae licks her lips and watches her opponent, "it turns me on to see you finally submissive to me." Agent Rae takes her fingers out of Wonder Girl's wet pussy and sticks them into Wonder's shocked mouth, she forces her to taste her own pussy juices. Rae finger fucks Wonder's mouth until her fingers are clean.

Agent Rae considers what demise Wonder Girl should have? Should Wonder Girl meet God quickly, or should Rae prolong Wonder's suffering? Rae unzips her jacket, her pistol is strapped to her chest. Wonder Girl's eyes are wide and afraid. Rae smiles, puts the pistol back into the holster and notices how turned on her own pussy is. "Maybe I can find some use for you after all?"

Agent Rae begins to rub her pussy and breasts. Her eyes are locked on Wonder Girl's and she begins to moan. Wonder sees a tent in Rae's pants, Rae's clit is growing longer and longer. "A baby will strip you of your powers, those powers will be in your baby. I'm just the woman to impregnate you."

Wonder Girl musters all her strength within her to escape while Agent Rae's pant's rip at the seam. A throbbing member breaks free from her pants, wet and ready. Rae pulls Wonder's hair and drops her face first and ass up on the floor.

Wonder Girl's leotard is pulled to the side and Rae's massive member is eased into her tiny pussy. "So tight, so wet," Agent Rae purrs. Rae thrusts in and out of Wonder's pussy while she struggles. Rae digs her fingertips into Wonder's hips and hate fucks her until Rae's perfect ass thrusts deep and ejaculates deep inside of her pussy. She thrusts a few times more and is ready to cum again. This time Rae wants to see Wonder's pretty face and breasts covered in creamy ropes of her cum.

Wonder collapses on the floor, and Rae flips her legs over so that Wonder is facing her. Rae strokes her member until she orgasms yet again all over her defeated, long-time opponent. "See you in nine months," Rae purrs. Wonder has been stripped of all her powers.

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