Missax-Your Babysitter is Stuck

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Incest porno Missax-Your Babysitter is StuckIncest porno Missax-Your Babysitter is Stuck
Missax-Your Babysitter is Stuck

I am babysitting my neighbor's boy tonight. His dad paid me well over my rate, $100, because he is a "mischievous boy." I know that I can handle any boy, I mean look at me I have been doing it since before I can remember, so I happily accept the challenge.

When I see him I wonder why I am babysitting a High School boy, he's too old to be watched over. I tell him how I want him to stay out of my way, and ask where their liquor cabinet is.. and then he starts throwing around a baseball in the house! "HEY! You're going to break a window, put it down, NOW!"

The boy agrees. but then grabs one of his mother's collectable Steiff bears out of the glass display case and starts tossing it around carelessly. He tosses it behind the sofa, and I am so frustrated! I lean over the edge to grab the bear, and oh--- oh no! I am stuck! My hand is wedged in and I can't wiggle free! "Please help me, be a sweetheart, help me out of here," I beg him.

Instead he starts rubbing my pantyhose covered legs, and gusset. I struggle trying to break free. I try to bargain with him, giving him my payment if he can stop! He rips my pantyhose open and begins to finger my wet little pussy.

I struggle a bit more, even though honestly it is starting to feel good. I eventually give in-- the faster he is satisfied, the sooner I can be set free. He then grabs my purse. I blush brightly, I know what is in there. He pulls out my vibrator.

This silly boy doesn't know how to use it and I tell him what speed to use as he toys with my pussy and clit. I am getting even wetter, and I can't hold back my pleasure sounds.

He unzips his pants. Oh no! But then.. oh.. oh... oh yes! He's so naughty. It feels so good. He cums all over my pantyhose and pussy. I ask him to help me get free now...

Watch what happens!

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