Missax-Your Husband Takes Me Home

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Incest porno Missax-Your Husband Takes Me HomeIncest porno Missax-Your Husband Takes Me Home
Missax-Your Husband Takes Me Home

I am at a party with my best girlfriend and her hottie husband. I have had my eyes on him for a long time and I know that he's into me too. He is always staring at me when his wife isn't looking.

I suggest we play beer pong! I lose of course and I am so dru.nk. I ask my girlfriend (his wife) if he can drive me home. While we are driving I tell him that I need to be carried upstairs, please! I am so dru,nk!

"Can you take off my boots please?" He takes off my boots as per my request, I then ask him to take off my sweater.. and then my skirt. I can tell he is nervous but I assure him that it's only because I am so tipsy that I can't do it myself. I can tell that he is raging hard for me under his jeans and that gives me the encouragement to come in for the ki.ll!

I tell him that I know he is into me, and I am into him! In fact, I am not drun.k at all! I faked him to get him alone with me. I also know his wife never wants to sleep with him, and that's such a waste! He is so unbelievably sexy.. I just crave him!

I show him what it would be like if he were to make love to me. He watches me get really kinky with b.aby oils and my dildo. I tease him with my wet, shiney body, my ass and my pussy. My creamy girl cum oozes out of my pussy and I lick it clean for him. his eyes widen and his bulge grows inside his pants.

I give him a choice. He can either leave his wife and fuck me OR I will never look at him again. He is so hard, so frustrated, that I can tell he would do anything for me. He reaches for me.. and well, to make a long story short..

I win.

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