Missax-Your Worst Nightmare Hot Neighbor

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Incest porno Missax-Your Worst Nightmare Hot NeighborIncest porno Missax-Your Worst Nightmare Hot Neighbor
Missax-Your Worst Nightmare Hot Neighbor

The hot neighbor who is always sunning herself with nothing but her red nail polish on came over today. She knew I watched her, ached for her, she's accustomed to getting exactly what she wants since birth and now she wants me. I am informed that I must cater to her every whim if I want to feel her lips, her pussy, and be used like a fuck toy. The dominant words that rolled smoothly off her tongue made me weak for her, she fills a void in my life, and I knew that I would give her anything and everything. No questions asked.

She took off her overcoat and grabbed my phone, she began to call my wife! My heart stopped as I listen to her purr, "I have your husband down to his boxer shorts beneath me," and, "of yes-- that's a good idea, I want you to come over straight away." I realized that she not only wanted to conquer me, but my wife as well. She wanted me submissive, obedient, but what wills she want of my wife? We heard the tires squeal outside, followed by an opening and slamming of the door, she's home and she's not happy.

The bedroom door flew open and my wife found this redheaded Goddess ontop of me, and I kept my eyes fixated on the woman. I should be concerned for my wife, but my concern is only to show my Goddess that I am a loyal servant. My wife oddly didn't protest, or complain, but instead she whimpered and watched, she was overcome by the beauty and power of this woman.

The woman took out my dick and starred into my wife's eyes and told her to take off her clothes and "finger your cunt at the same speed I suck your husband's toy." My wife, conservative and proper, obeyed with just a little more hesitation than I did. My cock was hard in this woman's mouth knowing that my wife understands her tremendous power, and how we are both helpless and under her control.

Her mouth was wet and warm as she purred dominant talk to us, working us like puppets as I gently thrust in sync with her mouth. Her mouth feels amazing, I feel my cock leaking as I thrust in her mouth, and she licks it up and stares at me with her piercing blue eyes. She is amused how easy we are, it's expected but still it amuses her. I am happy for her happiness. My cock begs to cum and I fight to keep control until she allows me to cum. I cum inside of her mouth and she feeds my cum to my wife fingering her little pink pussy.

She orders me behind her as she fixates her piercing blue eyes on my wife. I thrust in and out, and watch my wife subtly moan and finger her pussy while gazing at this gorgeous woman through teary eyes. I cum inside of her and it slowly leaks out of her perfect, pink little pussy. I almost cum a third time just from watching her pussy pulsate and she purrs at the obvious truth: our lives will never be the same, and we are completely owned.

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