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The Vampire Sex Diaries

  • 24 January 2016
  • The Vampire Sex Diaries

    Jenna Presley, Ashlyn Rae, Sophia Santi, Jay Lassiter, Tabitha Stevens, Ally Kay, Mr. Stevens, Cheyne Collins
    A research biologist, Brad Brown (Cheyne Collins) and his sexy, innocent girlfriend Amber (Ally Kay) stumble upon a long-forgotten town infested by carnal vampires who've long ago replaced their cravings for blood with an insatiable lust for sex. Lead by the stunning Mistress of the Brood, Vanessa (Tabitha Stevens), the vampires are forced to bleed the young couple of all their sexual fluids after one of the brood, Dean (Jay Lassiter) is overwhelmed by the sexual scent of Amber, taking her and her body while on a "bat" scouting adventure. To complicate matters the Master of all Vampires, Gyrous (Mr. Stevens) who has an eternal lust for Vanessa threatens to begin feeding on humans when he learns Vanessa has fallen for Brad. Brad and Amber's fates become entwined in a dithyramb of sex, orgiastic pleasures and passions as the secrets of the Vampire Sex Diaries are exposed... in a forgotten place... far, far away.
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    The Human Centipede 2

  • 24 January 2016
  • The Human Centipede 2
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    The Evil Nurse A Gonosz Nover

  • 24 January 2016
  • The Evil Nurse A Gonosz Nover

    Mandy Bright, Lauro Giotto, Maria Bellucci, Dora Venter, Barbie, Susanne Brend, Katy Parker, Nick Lang, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Alberto Rey
    Desolate hospital rooms, full with living the dead. Brawny men who left the world of the living too early but a nice nurse resurrects them for one last orgy. No wonder Mandy Bright got the Sex Crown award for best extreme scene in Budapest, 2004. A unique Hungarian production.
    Mandy Brights Evil Nurse is off the hook. Set in the walls of a dilapidated hospital. It has a very creepy feel, almost like SAW or the movie "7". All the girls are 10+ A list girls. The guys are ripped and in shape. The sex is kinky. Great anal, DP, ATM, dildo lesbian and cumswapping!
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    Slow Torture Puke Chamber

  • 24 January 2016
  • Slow Torture Puke Chamber
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    Sexual Parasite Killer Pussy

  • 24 January 2016
  • Sexual Parasite Killer Pussy
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    Sex Attack Berlin 13-Gothic Sex-Hexen

    Two witches Darkana and Azraela immerse themselves in devil worship. They occupy themselves with chained slaves that they have their way with. Together they k i dnap an innocent businessman, who lets himself be blown senseless. After they ride him into a stupor they sacrifice him to Satan. When Satan appears the mischief begins: The businessman is turned into a zombie and along with the devil they fuck these witches in every hole and then squirt over them, while they wait with their mouths open for the devil's juice!
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    Scary Sex Movie

  • 24 January 2016
  • Scary Sex Movie

    Monella,Betiana Rey,Luis Guzman,Rodrigo Baez,Ana Touchet,Dorian Greatfull,Raul Leiva,Leo Martin,Luciano Roggio,Alejandro Espagnal,Charly Loren
    Un demonio esta atrapada por dos sacerdotes y es liberada como ella necesita. Una Pareja de Enamorados intentan escapar? de una casa en el Sur de Argentina ellos descubren Los efectos aterradores de estar perdidos en una telarana de Lujuria, ven y Disfruta con los grandes monstruos del cine cuando reviven con una delirante escalada de sexo y desenfreno. Abre la puerta a tus fantasias!
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    ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

  • 24 January 2016
  • ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

    Distracted from drugs and alcohol are lesbians in private killed them during a terrible Orgy stripper. The young prostitute was wrong with the client until the morning she just won't live. Chubby slut showing teenager porn became a victim of an accident. Young fan of the group "Nirvana" had committed suicide after Kurt Cobain's death. They do not appreciate life on earth, they mutilated their bodies that God has rewarded them, and sought his death. Only a white light at the end of the tunnel has not brought them anything but new endless suffering and humiliation in the blood and gastric juice.
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  • 24 January 2016
  • EWP-Deabre

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  • 24 January 2016
  • EWP-Dangerous

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