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Peachy Keen Films-Throttle My Daughter

Starring: Heidi Robbins. A drunken man works late on a painting project in a local office building. The phone rings, it is his teenage daughter asking for money for cheerleader camp. He is a bastard to her as usual and ***** up. She calls back, begging her daddy to give her the money. He tells her to come over. Later, the door opens and she timidly walks in. Seeing her dad, she quickly walks up to him. He is a large man, sweaty, and obviously drunk. He questions her about the choices she is making at school, then stumbles out of the room to get more to drink. As usual, she just waits, knowing he will be back and she will get the money.
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Peachy Keen Films-Therapy Killer

  • 30 December 2015
  • Peachy Keen Films-Therapy Killer

    Starring: Elise Graves. He sits quietly in her office, trying to share his deepest troubles, but is only scratching the surface of his problem. She has seen so many like this one, a loner, quiet, grief and pain kept deep inside. She wants to know what is troubling him. She has a way of finding out -- hypno-therapy. It has worked before, it will work with him. She asks him to remember his lost love, Sarah. He does, and then she climbs up on the desk in front of him, asking him to imagine she is Sarah and to do the things he used to do to her. He does.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Fetish Killer 2

  • 30 December 2015
  • Peachy Keen Films-Fetish Killer 2

    Starring: Kirsten A high school girl who has befriended a photographer that has been out around her school, goes to his home for a photo shoot. The photographer is obviously into her feet and she encourages him. Soon, things lead to more then just photos. Afterwords, he surprises her by wrapping a wire garrote around her neck and her until she passes out.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Execution Of Soleil

    Starring Soleil. A young woman is brutally executed by being stabbed many, many times. her body is left to bleed out on the floor. This is a movie to consider if you like traditional effects, realistic blood, and scenes of peril. Soleil does a great job and really got into it.

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    Peachy Keen Films-Take Out Meal

  • 30 December 2015
  • Peachy Keen Films-Take Out Meal

    Starring: Whitney. Early in the morning a man and the young slut he picked up at the rave enter. It is his home. She is frisky, the e still effecting her. He sits on the couch and she is on him right away, grinding his crotch like a stripper. She teases him for a while, her body reaking of potential hotness. He lifts of her shirt, breast perfect as he expecting. Once she stripped completely, he know she would be perfect for the gathering that night.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Student Blackmail 3

    Starring: Cole. A student and teacher are engaged in a steamy affair. She goes to a little apartment he has rented where the activities occur. They make out and just when he is about to get serious, she stops him. It seems that she wants a few more things before the sex commences, like some money, a nice apartment, etc. He does not do so well with blackmail, so he punches her out and drags her off into the bedroom.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack

  • 30 December 2015
  • Peachy Keen Films-Stabbing Attack

    Starring Whitney, Katelin. Kyrin and Tiffany just were high school BFF's. They just graduated and were rooming together in student housing getting ready for their first year of collage. They were young, in love and life was good.

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    Peachy Keen Films-Single Mom

  • 30 December 2015
  • Peachy Keen Films-Single Mom

    Starring: Pandora. A young mother, who just finished dropping her son off at daycare, is walking home. As she travels the sidewalk in this not-so-nice part of the city, she thinks she is being followed. She confirms her fears by ducking into a parking garage and watching as a man approaches, then walks off. She runs the rest of the way home.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Secretarial Obsession

    Starring: Raven. A legal secretary finished up a rather large project that her boss gave her and prepares to leave for a family emergency. As she gets up, her boss, in the office after hours, confronts her with a confession. It seems that he is really attracted to her. He approaches her and starts putting the movies on her. She is reluctant to push him away, after all, he is her boss. She gives in and they have sex.
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    Peachy Keen Films-Rival Gang ShootOut

    Starring: Whitney Lexxi Brandy Alexander Alana Mia Chloe Charlie. A group of gang-girls are all gathered for a bachelorette party in a local safe-house that is currently being renovated for the bride-to-be and her soon to be new husband -- the local leader of their crime syndicate. Laughing it up and drinking, the girls party in cute lingerie without a care, with the hostess lavishing gifts of money and slutty drunkenness all over her girlfriends.
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