PKF Studios-A Somewhat Simple Plan

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Captain Bottom and Javier are working together on a quick deal with some damsels. Javier has it all set up and Captain Bottom is skeptical, but he assures the Captain he knows what he’s doing. Soon, the dolls come in who are suppose to have the pubes, but instead of handing them over, they use some force that omits a blinding show of white light, knocking the Two villains to the ground. They begin striking them down, crushing them on the ground.

All of a unexpected Javier tells Captain Bottom to frost his eras and uses a sonic ray that causes the damsels to cover their ears and become weak. The Two villains carry the dolls to the bed, where they decide to give them a great tickling to try and get information out of them.

They tickle the girls well, removing their footwear and socks to tickle their feet, making sure to get in their armpits and thighs. The chicks still haven’t talked, so they step up their game, and take out the huge magic wand wand. Javier uses it on one of the damsels while Captain Bottom compels the other to give him a blowjob. She deep throats his stud trouser snake until she blows a load on her face, meanwhile Javier is forcing the other girl to jizz with the magic vibrator.

Once they’re concluded with the dolls, Captain Bottom takes his leave. Javier decides he must accomplish off the nymphs, so he strangles the first one on the sofa, using a bit of cable he had in his pocket. She writhes and struggles, her fun bags bouncing everywhere as she kicks her legs and gasps. She finally dies right as the other doll is trying to call for help. She’s weak and moving slowly, and Javier gets to her before she causes any distress. Using the same cord, he secures it around her jaws and tightens, constricting her airway as she gasps for breath and kicks.

With both girls dead, Javier arranges their bods on the bed and leaves them.
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