Psycho-Thrillers-They Will Pay-Dolly Part 1

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Two boys are chatting. One is giving sympathy to the other as he has heard that the other’s mother has recently transferred away. As they talk it becomes clear that the nurses at the health center had been negligent and fierce, and actually despotized patients supposedly in their care. They have been getting away with this for far too long, and the fellows decide they must pay.

The first nurse leaves her palace and gets into her car. She has no idea that one of the vengeful folks is stashing in the back seat. She sits but before she can close door he reaches from back seat with one hand via her bod to hold her cock-squeezing and with his other forearm puts a chloroform rag across her face. Her legs are kneeing highly very first inside the car then outside the car frantically. Eventually she is out.

The other guy displays up. One fellow captures her ankles and the other her upper assets and she is taken and put in the back of a SUV/van. A ball gag is put in her throat and cuffs are put on her ankles and wrists.

Her wrists are hooked behind her back and then her ankles are together. So her wrists are cuffed to each other and her ankles are cuffed to each other also.

Her assets is played with by a boy who gets into the SUV with her. Joy bags through dress. Skirt elevated and labia fondled through underpants. Then panties moved aside and cunny fondled and finger-tickled.

The SUV drives off, and shortly she is carried into a mansion and laid on the floor on her back still transferred out. Eventually she wakes up and they accuse and interrogate her about her cruelty – she prays and prays and tries to blame the other nursing staff.

They taser her, administering electrified shocks, then commence to take her sexually, with compelled oral, bap spanking, arm gagging, and hookup in multiple positions while she remains strapped.

Eventually she is pulled to her feet by both studs and walked toughly stumbling to the bedroom and thrown onto the bed.
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