Psycho-Thrillers-HARPIE Vs Halloween

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HARPIE agent was hired for a special job. She was hired to take care of the largest serial ****** once and for all. She was tracking him down, but he disappear every time she got close to him, just like a ghost. When she thought she finally got him it was just random Items frosted with sheets.
Still on alert, when she turns around she bumped into dangerous Halloween *****. He grabbed the agent by her neck with one forearm and other mitt he squeezes her hand so rigid she dropped her gun to the floor.The****** lowers her down on her knees still ******** her until she almost passed out. She start stroking his manstick through his pants and pleading him for mercy. She want to perceive him inside her before she ****. Giving in to her damsel charm. As briefly as she catches her breath, she begins blowing his knob.
Then she sits on his manmeat and ravaged him. When she sensed him loving her poon and not paying attention she reached for her gun and aimed it for his head as she fired.
He block his face at the last Second, she watches blood drizzle on his mask, she though she ****** the legendary serial ******Michael Myers.
She's standing over him, he is not moving so she called her manager. HARPIE organization, "finish the mission lucky".
When she turns around to put her phone away, Michael took hold of her neck from behind and ***** her facehole while******* her to*****.
She collapse in his mitts, he bends her over his forearm and rip up her ****body to conclude what she commenced.
He then holds her in his hands, not wanting to let her go, yet there is other whores out there who deserve the same as she got!
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