Psycho-Thrillers-Hostage Mistake

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Runtime : 23min 10s
File Size : 1.57 GB
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3 masked guys are holding a youthful female in hostage. The youthful damsel is gaged and handcuffed, dragged to the living room where the leader of this group hands her to the other Two folks and tells them to display her great time while he negotiate deal for her come back. The leader thinks they deserve it because he doesn’t know if anybody will actually make it alive.
After he leaves the other Two folks starts ********* the young dame.
Reviled her tits and plays raunchy with them. They pull her microskirt up and touch her fuckbox. One of the studs pulled her gag down and sticks the barrel of his gun in her hatch and warns her if she bites or dose anything stupid he will blow her h**d off. Then he replaced the gun with a boy meat and for** her to Deep mouth. Gagging her with the fuckpole and making her throw up.
When one dude was enjoying filthy Oral job, the other dude went behind her and smashes her young vag. They switched and her tor***ing proceeds. The stud for*** her down on the floor continue screwing her cunny missionary when the other stud still pounding, gagging her jaws. Then he begins cho**** her with his forearms, the other man hands him garrote to **** her. When she is ****, her bo** continues to yank which makes one of the dudes ejaculations on her vag.
The leader returns and fines her **** assets lying on the floor.
Now he needs to find other way to get past the cops. He orders the other Two boys to disp***her body.
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