PKF Studios-BAD DATE part 3

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snuff videos PKF Studios-BAD DATE part 3
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Maddie sits on the sofa telling her greatest friend about a horrible tryst and time she has had with a boy who has been a bit of a creeper. Hasty to dismiss his strange behaviour she promises her buddy that he wouldnТt hurt her and dangles up. Just as she puts the phone down the Уman of the hourФ rushes in and drags her to the floor. Absolutely terrified she moans and demands to know what he is doing in her palace. He uses a taser on her and she promptly realizes fighting wonТt get her out of this. She pleads to be let go as his fist plumbs into her side. He cuffs her and begins sensing her up, hoisting up her miniskirt to force his fingers inside her. A tiny dry, so he thrusts his thumbs in her hatch to get them moist. She pleads to be let go before the crazed lunatic chokes her. Seeing she wonТt have joy along, he tazes multiple times before choking her again and then tazing her in the neck. She passes out.
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