PKF Studios-Bane's Sure Bet

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snuff videos PKF Studios-Bane's Sure Bet
porn necro PKF Studios-Bane's Sure Bet

Runtime : 37min 1s
File Size : 2.22 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Starring Penny Pax, Willow Hays, Sarah and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Bane is on to his next hefty scheme! At a local underground booking agency, Sarah is just filling up for the day when Bane comes in, He demands the earnings for the week and binds her to a stool, teasing her all the while.

Luckily, Wonder Female and The Demonstrate came to spray the twisted booking agent, once the heroines see the poor woman, roped and tortured by the nefarious Bane, they rush to save her, disarming Bane, but Bane still has his authoritative strength and hastily over takes the dolls.

He dishevels and handcuffs them, then, while making sure his new corded pet Sarah watches, he takes out his evil fuck-stick and slides it into Flash's tight fuckbox and embarks to pound her. As she wakes, she tries to vibrate out of the cuffs, but Banes super mighty thrusts keep her from moving too quick.

He tears up her vagina rock stiff and quick, making sure she feels every inch, the roped bookie sobs and pleads as Bane takes the heroine, but as Wonder Nymph starts to wake up, Bane decides it's time to have her. He throws her on the floor and fucks his trouser snake into her, before picking both heroines up and making them adore and fellate his pinkish cigar until he blows a load.

Sarah keeps snivelling and crying, so Bane smacks her, snapping her neck instantly, He rushes over and takes hold of a strap and wraps it around Wonder Womans neck and throttles her, she punches and fights but finally weakens and commences to get closer to death.

Once Wonder Damsel is dead, Bane moves to Flash and strangles her, she jiggles and twitches, but like the Two girls before her, weakens and slowly dies.

Bane takes all his prizes and leave the 3 dead gals where they lay.
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