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Runtime : 23min 45s
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New "Batgirl Meets The Terror" New

Starring Nickey Huntsman and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batgirl is on the hunt, searching for the vile villain "The Oppressive predominance" a super congenital ninja who infects the world with his namesake.

She finds his treacherous lair, but she can't find a trace of the fiend, until he sneaks out of the shadows and throws a throwing star at her, she hears the the bellow of the sharp metal and ducks, well-prepped to assault. He waves his bo staff at her, but she deflects the hammer and takes it from him and snaps it in Two over her knee, using the Two smaller wedges she attacks, but The Terror rapidly subdues her and knocks her out, then forearm cuffs her mitts behind her back.

He pulls her costume down and slips his stiff rod into her jaws waking her up, then the villain pulverizes her face, then goes down and humps her pussy rock rock-hard and deep in a number of positions. He fucks Batgirl all over his lair, making sure she gets a taste of her coochie testicle tonic from his meatpipe every now and again.

He pokes the heroine until he is prepared to jizm and blows his blast all over her face. The Oppressive domination picks the heroine up and grabs onto her mouth and begins to strangle her with his bare palms. She fights and struggles, as Batman has trained her, and almost gets away, but The Tyranny has prompt reflexes.

He grasps a hold of her again and snaps her neck, killing her instantly.
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